myhauntedsalem: Four Types of Dreams


Four Types of Dreams

Dreams are the foundation upon which wishes are granted, and the ones we have at night have the potential to make us happy and healthy. Our dreams are a way for us to process our waking world while we sleep. The things we haven’t dealt with, consciously or subconsciously, often come to light in the dream-state where it feels safer to deal with them.

Everyday Dreams

These are dreams that are general in regard to you personally and may be the result of what you were watching on TV or doing the night before. However, they can also be a heads-up and address issues you were struggling with.

Lucid Dreams

These dreams will appear very real as we experience our dream world quite literally, as though we are touching, feeling, or moving through it with all of our senses.

Visitations/Psychic Dreams

The visitation aspect is usually heralded by the appearance of a loved one who has died and they may come with a message for the dreamer. The psychic aspect may be in the form of a premonition or a heads-up on events yet to come.


These dreams are all about our fears due to the stress from negative energy, people, and events in our lives at the time.

Once you discern the type of dream you had, you may want to interpret it for its general meaning. Dream interpretation can help to reveal the information we process so that our dreams afford us the clarity we need to take action in life.

To interpret, ask yourself questions about the action, people, particular colors, and details of the dream. Take into consideration your activity the night before to see if anything influenced the dream. Engage your five senses when recalling details and write down the entire dream as you remember it.

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Rain in the backyard, you can see the fog come in which is super cool!

A NASA Spacecraft May Have Detected A Giant Wa…

A NASA Spacecraft May Have Detected A Giant Wall At The Edge Of The Solar System:

NASA‘s New Horizons spacecraft has helped scientists study a mysterious phenomenon at the edge of the Solar System, where particles from the Sun and interstellar space interact.

This region, about 100 times further from the Sun than Earth, is where uncharged hydrogen atoms from interstellar space meet charged particles from our Sun. The latter extend out from our Sun in a bubble called the heliosphere.

At the point where the two interact, known as the heliopause, it’s thought there is a build-up of hydrogen from interstellar space. This creates a sort of “wall”, which scatters incoming ultraviolet light.

About 30 years ago NASA’s Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft first detected this wall, and now New Horizons has found new evidence for it. A paper describing its findings will be published in Geophysical Research Letters.

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Peaceful Violence

Kelly Needleman

myhauntedsalem: The Stealth Cam Sighting


The Stealth Cam Sighting

“My friend had his stealth cam set up on a deer trail on his property in NC. This girl popped up on 1 of the frames. Also, there is what appears to be a man standing in the top right.”

Submitted by: Pageeto

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Parapsychology Foundation, a not-for-profit supporting students and scientists who study what seem to be psychic phenomena from a multidisciplinary scientific perspective, now with a YouTube channel, bringing out the best film from our 65 years of operation and from our current online events. Come take a look.

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Happy New Year from the Parapsychology Foundation!! And Congratulations to the PF for passing 300 subscribers on their YouTube channel. The content is extraordinary – 65 years of legacy film, lectures by scientists, scholars and authors interested in the scientific study of what seem to be psychic phenomena, and new content from courses, online forums, book expos and other activities! So worth a look!

Thanks to Nan Zingrone, one of the PF Family (Research Fellow since 2015, and consultant and staffer for almost 20 years) for posting our Happy New Years! video. We’re grateful the Foundation has found a new way to share it’s astonishing content from years of conferences and events with a new audience!

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Ogopogo (lake demon): A Canadian cryptid residing in British Colombia’s Lake Okanagan. History of this sea serpent-esque cryptid goes all the way back to native legends of a beast that would require a sacrifice in order to grant safe passage to anyone travelling around the lake. This is one of the best documented cryptids, having many videos and eyewitness accounts of being seen. However, most sightings are explained as large aquatic animals seen from a distance, logs, and geological features that effect water movement. 

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