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@singulartobias is on the stage right now talking about the Lake Michigan Mothman 🦇 (at Alverno College)



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Concept: tarot deck based off of these photos

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Unknown Creature Photographed in a Tree?

A woman by the name of Sonya says she captured this picture while out testing her first digital camera. When she got home and began reviewing the pictures she’d taken, she noticed one of them showed an unknown creature with a horse-shaped head sitting high up in a tree. Judging from the picture, it looks like she may have been taking pictures with her child at a cemetery. Though the location of where the picture of taken wasn’t specified, some have speculated that the creature is the legendary Jersey Devil.

Legend says the Jersey Devil is said to be the 13th son born to a family in the 1700’s, and when he was born, it’s said that he transformed and became a grotesque creature with cloven feet, a goats head (though some say the creature has a horse head), bat wings and a forked tail. Yet, despite the monstrous creature described in the legend, the creature in the photo looks like someone just put a horse head mask up in a tree. While the head does appear to be attached to a monstrous-looking body, it’s possible that it’s merely the tree branches.

But, let’s playing devil’s advocate and say the picture shows a real creature. Aside from the horse-shaped head, the creature doesn’t look much like the Jersey Devil, mainly because it doesn’t appear to have wings. It really doesn’t look like anything we’ve ever seen before, so it’s hard to say what it could’ve been other than some kind of new cryptid. Do you think it shows a real creature, possibly the Jersey Devil, sitting in a tree? Or is this a hoax?




“Some summers refuse to end.”

Ray Bradbury, from Farewell Summer (William Morrow, 2006) (via luthienne)

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light and color

Antelope Canyons

May 2019

Unraveling the secrets of White Shaman Cave

Unraveling the secrets of White Shaman Cave: undefined