✨Reversed Tarot meanings 🔮


Ace: Lack of energy, Lack of passion, Boredom

Two: Lack of planning, Disorganization, bad planning

Three: Obstacles, frustration, delays

Four: Instability, Lack of communication, Home conflicts

Five: Respecting differences, avoiding conflict

Six: Punishment, self-doubt, Lack of recognition

Seven: Feeling overwhelmed, give up, destroyed confidence

Eight: Obstacles, waiting, slowing down

Nine: Reaching burnout, exhaustion, fatigue

Ten: Instability to delegate, Lack of priorities

Page: Feeling caged, Lack of direction, negativity

Knight: Impulsivity, recklessness, anger

Queen: demanding, selfish, jealousy

King: Impulsive, overbearing, Unachieveable expectations


Ace: Wasted emotions, emptiness, blocked creativity

Two: Tension, Imbalance, broken communication

Three: solitude, conformity, herd mentality

Four: Taking for granted, boredom, aloofness

Five: moving on, acceptance, finding peace

Six: unrealistic expectations, resisting change, clinging to the past

Seven: diversion, temptation, confusion

Eight: fear or loss, confusion, fear of the unknown

Nine: greed, smugness, dissatisfaction

Ten: shattered dreams, broken family, bad relationships

Page: escapism, immaturity, Lack of creativity

Knight: disappointment, moodiness

Queen: insecurity, coldness, dependence

King: manipulation, moodiness, trickery


Ace: Confusion, brutality, chaos

Two: No right choice, lesser of two evils, confusion

Three: recovery, forgiveness, moving on

Four: stress, restlessness, burntout

Five: desire to forgive, desire to reconcile, lingering resentment

Six: unresolved issues, emotional baggage, resisting transition

Seven: turn a new leaf, desire to change, desire to reform

Eight: self acceptance, freedom, new perspective

Nine: fear, despair, Lack of objectivity

Ten: reviving, rejuvenation, inevitable end

Page: rushing through, all talk, Hastiness

Knight: No direction, unpredictability, disregard for consequences

Queen: cold heartedness, bitterness, cruel

King: Manipulative, cruel, criticism


Ace: Missed chance, lost opportunity

Two: Loss of balance, disorganized, overwhelmed

Three: disorganized, Lack of teamwork, group conflict

Four: Greediness, possessiveness, stinginess

Five: Isolation, recovery

Six: selfishness, debt, stinginess

Seven: distractions, Lack of rewards, work without results

Eight: No focus, No ambition, No motivation

Nine: Obsession with work, setbacks, mistakes

Ten: Lack of stability, failure, Lack of resources

Page: daydreaming, laziness, impractality

Knight: laziness, work without reward, obsessiveness

Queen: worklife imbalance, smothering

King: Indulgance, sensuality, greed

Major arcana:

The fool: Inconsideration, recklessness, being taken advantage of

The magician: Trickery, illusions, out of touch

The high priestess: Lack of center, lost inner voice, repressed feelings

The empress: dependence, smothering, emptiness

The emperor: tyranny, rigidity, coldness

The heirophant: rebellion, subversiveness, new approaches

The lovers: loss of balance, one-sidedness, disharmony

The chariot: Lack of control, Lack of direction, aggression

Justice: dishonesty, unaccountability, unfairness

The hermit: Lonliness, isolation, lost your way

Wheel of fortune: no control, clinging to control, bad luck

Strength: self doubt, weakness, insecurity

The hanged man: stalling, needless sacrifice, fear of sacrifice

Death: Fear of change, holding on, stagnation

Temperance: excess, extremes, Lack of balance

The devil: Freedom, release, restoring control

The tower: disaster avoided, delaying disaster, fear of suffering

The star: Insecurity, discouragement, faithlessness

The moon: Confusion, fear, misinterpretation

The sun: negativity, depression, sadness

Judgement: Lack of self-awareness, doubt, self-loathing

The world: Incompletion, No closure, Incomplete goals

Im not from Colorado, or if you're the pe…

Im not from Colorado, or if you're the person who I should be asking. I've never believed in full body ghosts, I've only believed in energy. But the other day there was a lady on my bed, and then she went away, and I was terrified. I've never experienced anything like this, but she didn't feel angry or mean, I felt at peace (Although I was frightened). In your experience, does this feeling of being at peace with one another mean she won't hurt me or should I get someone to try to get rid of her?

If you’ve never had any other experiences like this before and haven’t had them since I wouldn’t be too concerned. If she didn’t seem threatening I wouldn’t be too scared. It’s definitely strange, has anything else happened since?

palingenesis144: ‘Journey through the Night’….


‘Journey through the Night’. Ellen Lorien. 1970’s.

Daily 2 Cents: Abduction, Implants & Trauma –…

Daily 2 Cents: Abduction, Implants & Trauma — Dogman? Doubtful… — ‘Genie’ Possession at University:

Abduction, Implants & Trauma

Idaho – 2018-03-01 – 00:00: Abduction from home. Lost time. Next day my whole back was frozen. I could not walk and top of wrist a lump appeared. I grew up in Glendora, California and that is when abductions began.

Went decades with no signs of abductions until recently. I was told (By someone? Vague memory) that it is an organic tracking device in my wrist. My back has repaired. The chiropractor said I was in a car accident. Trauma to my back and muscles. No car accident occurred. The pain in wrist is gone and the lump is still there.

‘Time Warp’ Update and Interview with Joshua P…

‘Time Warp’ Update and Interview with Joshua P. Warren | Mysterious Universe: undefined

This week I turned 22 and my best friend gave …

This week I turned 22 and my best friend gave me this BEAUTIFUL animal spirit tarot deck for my birthday. I’m extremely excited to learn this deck and work with it and see how we progress! If anyone wants a tarot reading message me on here or my personal page @kristaashley and I’ll 100% do one for you! In the message just include the question you want answered! I’m so excited to practice and learn and grow as a person!

crimsonkismet: Ph. Shae DeTar


Ph. Shae DeTar

loumargi: JOSEPH DECAMP, AMERICAN (1858-1923)



skullofjoy: David Palumbo – Aspect of sun


David Palumbo – Aspect of sun

Inside a Victorian Photo Shoot at Stonehenge

Inside a Victorian Photo Shoot at Stonehenge:

The image above, which was recently made
public by the photo research company TimePix
, is from 1867, and is part of
the first known photographic sequence ever taken of Stonehenge. (There are
older individual photographs, in the Royal Collection.) It’s from a book
called Plans and
Photographs of Stonehenge
, released by the U.K.’s Ordnance Survey and
written by the department head, Colonel Henry James.

Since the Ordnance Survey began in the late 18th century,
its workers have used
various tools
 to get the nation down on paper. In the 1860s, much of
the agency’s energy was focused on mapping all of Great Britain, county by
county, at six inches to the mile. As James’s preface explains, Plans
and Photographs of Stonehenge
 was made for the agency’s officers, to
prepare them for encounters with any “Objects of Antiquity” that they
might come across during their work, as well as to “stimulate them to make
Plans and Sketches.”

“It was a very gentlemanly pursuit to have an
interest in archaeology, or antiquities as they called it back then,” says
TimePix founder Elaine Owen. James didn’t want his employees to come across an
ancient treasure and mess up how they measured it.