A fake Zombie Outbreak’ alert alarms Lake Wort…

A fake Zombie Outbreak’ alert alarms Lake Worth residents: undefined



Is it real? What you think?

Ouija Board




This article is intended for knowledge purposes only. The Ouija board is not to be used as a form of entertainment, nor as a game. We are not liable for anything that happens to you, should you decide to use the board for whatever purposes. 

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Hey hi. Pretty much everything in your post is wrong.

Ouija boards are literally games. They were invented to be entertainment.

There are no “rules” to the Ouija board, other than be polite. You don’t have to have the planchette resting in a certain spot before playing, you don’t have to move it in circles (literally the point of the game is that you’re not the one moving it, so I have no idea why people insist on moving the planchette to start). You can start your game literally however you want. 

I highly suggest nobody ever try to “think” of answers, for two reasons. One, skeptics go “oh you were thinking of the answer and you were subconsciously moving the planchette” which is annoying. Second, you’re allowing the spirits to read your thoughts. Invite them into your mind and they can access whatever they want. Letting anyone into your most private thoughts is really risky.

Do not use a Ouija board to try to contact a specific person, especially a close family member. They’re not meant to try to get in contact with someone specifically, it’s to talk and play with random spirits. 

If the planchette moves in figure-8′s or counts down anything, it doesn’t mean squat. It means the spirit thinks you’re a moron and will believe that it means something evil. Nothing can “escape” a Ouija board, since it is just a piece of cardboard. Also, moving the planchette yourself to Goodbye is not advisable, as it’s like hanging up the phone on someone without saying Goodbye, and the spirit could get really offended. Again, there’s never a reason for you to move the planchette yourself, as it defeats the whole purpose of the game.

You can play the Ouija board alone, it’s just that most likely nothing will happen. 

You can definitely play the Ouija board if you’re depressed. Telling someone they can’t do something because of their medical condition is ableist. If you feel safe to play the Ouija board, then play, if not, don’t.

There has never been a case of demonic possession from a Ouija board. Ever. 

There is no right way to dispose of a Ouija board. I’ve literally heard plenty of crazy, ridiculous ways and of course people insist there is only one right way. There isn’t. It’s a board game. Pass it around to your friends if you want. 

Again, if the planchette moves to all four corners, it means the spirit thinks you’re a moron. You’re more likely to win the lottery than contact something “evil” on a Ouija board.

I’ve never heard “if the planchette tumbles off the board, the soul will get detached” before. What does that mean? That’s funny.

Flipping the planchette over is a) pointless, and b) makes your game way harder to play. There’s never a reason to flip over a planchette. And besides, if you did manage to contact some all powerful evil creature from Hell, will they be like “Oh gosh golly, they turned that piece of plastic upside down, now I’ll never be able to wreck havoc!”

You can leave the planchette wherever you want.

You can ask whatever questions you want, but I do hesitate about asking questions about your future, since spirits don’t have to tell the truth and can say whatever they want. Because, you know, it’s a game, and not meant to be taken seriously. Take it too seriously, and you’re gonna have a bad time.

What kind of benefits can you gain from spirits? Genuinely asking. 

You can play the Ouija board wherever you like, especially in a graveyard, as long as you aren’t trespassing on private property.

And I mean yeah, be respectful, but you should always be respectful when playing a game with strangers, for any game, whether it’s online or in person or with dead people. 

You don’t have to cleanse anything before, during, or after playing. 

The links I included are not sources by any means, it’s me further explaining my points, especially since this post is already very long. Posts like yours are deplorable, since they are only meant to incite fear in playing a board game, and perpetuate stereotypes that were invented by radical Christians and Hollywood movies. Ouija boards are very safe to play, and they were only considered a dangerous demon portal after a movie about that came out. If you believe Ouija boards can get you possessed by demons solely because it happened in a movie, I feel really sorry for you. Logic and common sense are far more powerful than your weird little superstitions about a board game. 

Yo @theOujiaGirl, your dp is sick xD. First of all, thank you for your opinion and reply to our post, we appreciate it. Before we break the the points from your long text, we are pretty sure that your followers and even you personally, know that you are a sceptic for general horror content or maybe just for this topic of the Ouija board alone. It can be concluded from a sentence of your long text which says something on the lines of “I feel really sorry for you. Logic and common sense are far more powerful than your weird little superstition about a board game.” We swear we were laughing at “board game”. Just a side note, we don’t do dramas and are very open to opinions from all of you. However, it irks us at times when we have sceptic people who usually don’t really know us but act as if they do. So my partner and I thought it might be a good opportunity to do a post back to a sceptic as we have never done so before.

About her first point on “Ouija boards are literally games. They were invented to be entertainment.” Oh yes before i forget guys, @theOujiaGirl has nearly 20 years experience with the Ouija board. He (sorry i mean she) runs a blog talking about paranormal stuff and the truths about the Oujia board which for whatever consists mainly of his sceptical points of view. So he seems to be extremely sensitive to people talking about Ouija board or rather in his sense, “talking shit” about the Ouija board just because we have recently made an article about it. Apparently, Ouija boards are fun and harmless to him. He claims to even have had his own Ouija board sessions. With that being said, let’s get to the first point. Whatever game it is, a game has to be fun. The fun part of Ouja board is probably to be able to connect with the spiritual world. So we understand that you called it a game because this is the “fun” element to it. However, avoid calling it a BOARD game as it is very misleading to a lot of readers out there. Board games are played with more than one person and it can even be played alone but you don’t play deem what you can play with a spirit as a  board game. This ain’t no Monopoly or Scrabble here. The reason why it is called Ouija board is because of the material it is use, IT IS LITERALLY MANUFACTURED WOOD (sorry we have to treat you like a dumbass since you started the logic shit). So some of you mentioned it is still a “board game”, yeap it is called Ouija board but you don’t simply categorise all board games together with it.It is totally a different type. But wait we forgot, you are a sceptic.

Second point “There are no “rules” to the Ouija board, other than being polite. You don’t have to have the planchette resting in a certain spot…. You can start your game literally however you want”. Bro, if you deem Ouija board as a game, why not also say that all games have rules (unless you have never played one before, which makes you as lifeless as the 20 years of experience in Ouija board). The only games that doesn’t have any sorts of rules is your OWN Ouija board game lmao. Stop giving shit information about how Ouija board game should run. Words are too weak here mate, prove it to everyone with a video of you playing it. Actually wait no just go to the graveyard at the middle of the night roughly around 1am to 3am, sit in the middle of the graveyard and do it. Don’t even ask the first question of “Is anybody there to play this with me?” Just start the first question by saying “Hey do you know how to spell a bee? If yes move my hands (cause you don’t use a planchette lmao what a rule of yours). If no, move my hand to no”. Yeap so you expect people to do literally what you want by not following the rules of the Oujia board then yes we 12-3AM Productions dare you to make a video doing spelling bee with the board. In short, this point you made is contradicting to yourself by saying be polite and do literally however you want. We are fine if you want to contradict yourself, but don’t be a fool and act like Oujia board is created by you.

Third point “I highly suggest nobody ever try to “think” of answer….. ’ Not going to comment on his shit thoughts as he is a sceptic.

Fourth point “Do not use a Ouija board to try to contact a specific person, especially a close family member”. Well in some religions, people do believe that when you die, you don’t remember who you are in the afterlife, so the random spirits are too vague to even begin about.

Fifth point “If the planchette moves in figure -8’s ….. as it defeats the whole purpose of the game” Alright we are actually too lazy to even copy and paste for our own benefit LOL. Basically he is trying to state that the Ouija board is boring and shit, trying to boast about how much of an expert he is in the paranormal field of Ouija board but can prove no shit. Words are cheap. Bear in mind guys, it is @theOujiaGirl and a dp of a cat with an Ouija board. We are just wondering how fun it is to conduct his Ouija board sessions with his OWN rules. Oh god wait we don’t have time for that either.

Sixth point “You can play the Ouija board alone, it’s just that most likely nothing will happen.” Like I said, send us the video, we will see about that.

Seventh point: Ah actually no, the rest of his opinions about the Ouija board basically revolve around his own rules and bragging about how boring it is but FUN to play if done so using his own rules xD. Well, we don’t fancy Ouija boards in general so we don’t actually advice people to play it or rather use it as a “test it out session” with the spirits. With the proper equipment in paranormal investigating, you can still capture stuff that can’t be explained (unlike this person who thinks too highly of himself to actually advice people. Well as a very good and kind production, we will give him the last attention) with science. Yeap again he stated “being respectful” oh god please you just state “literally however you want” and you are teaching people to be respectful when interacting with the Ouija board? *Yawn*

Alright he actually gave his 100% on commenting our post and we totally respect it. It is our honor to explain ourselves and actually let him know that he is making a fool out of himself. We went to see his post on “Oujia boards are not a game.“ It is really difficult to explain by words to a sceptic who thinks they know everything. But we are just going to try. Okay so in that post he mention himself being very salty about what we did in our article on Oujia board. He stated “How about don’t tell other people they shouldn’t do something by scaring them”. Just wanted to make this clear to you, we do articles mainly on informative stuff and educate people in a sense. We are a horror blog and some content does inflict fear on people but our main objective on why we created this blog is to make sure our horror lovers understand that horror is a form of entertainment and people should enjoy the thrill of it instead of being afraid of it. That is our motto. So before judging and spreading your saltiness, why not prove something that we are faking about Oujia board? Obviously you can’t mate because paranormal activity is something science can’t explain. Don’t spread bullshit around with your followers, it is just a matter of time who is real or fake.

Anyway thanks for your opinion again, we don’t think you are shaming us obviously we know where we stand. For those who know us, we ain’t got time for drama and hate, we are always progressing. So this will be the first and last post to @theOujiaGirl and we going to state our last statement. Other than that, prove what you deem “real” by making an actual video and show us how playing the Ouija board is done without abiding by any rule. It must be proven that you wouldn’t get possessed, otherwise our opinion can still be published. In the first place, we do not even advise people to even have any involvement with the Oujia board unlike you who wants them to play in your own damn way.

There you have it. Thank you once again, do follow us and check us out for our weekly horror content. We will see you guys in our next article.

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After Baron Arild Rosenkranz (1870-1964), “Occult Seals and Columns,” portfolio edition with lecture by Rudolf Steiner, published 1924.



growing up with literal demons

I’m sorry but I keep waking up from these nightmares about my old house. The house was on a lake and it was always dark inside for some reason. I lived there from the time I was born up until last year and a lot of strange things happened to me.

1. Crucifix’s would always fall. My mothers a devoted catholic and she made sure there was a crucifix in every room. In my room specifically, I remember several occasions of it just causally falling. No indicators of it being put up weird or anything. It was like something threw it off the wall.

2. On one occasion, my bedroom door opened by itself. The doorknob twisted open, and it was on carpet so my door was a little harder to move but it came all the way out. I called out to my mom, my dog and my sister and nobody was there. Behind the door was nothing but the pitch black hallway. I honestly pissed myself. Lol.

3. On another occasion, when I was young. My mother dropped me and my sister off at school, and when she came back home the attic door was wide open. Keep in mind, NO ONE went into the attic. It had to be hatched shut with a lock so it wouldn’t just accidentally open. The door was in her bedroom. I didn’t find out about this story until recently because my mom thought it would scare me but I used to sleep with my mom occasionally when I was little and I remember looking up at her ceiling and seeing hair or something from the attic door. Weird. Creepy.

4. The whole house has this odor. The only way I can describe it is foul and dense.

5. I had constant nightmares for years. They just stopped this year which is what really makes me figure that my old house was haunted. I had nightmares almost every night. About my house. The nightmares I have today are about my old house. These nightmares are also almost always centered in my moms old bedroom.

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