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7 Chilling Paranormal Mysteries

Posted on October 16, 2016 by ghostghoul

We’ve all heard ghost stories about creepy things happening to “a friend of a friend” or a distant relative in another city. But what about the stories that are more than just urban legends or anecdotal accounts? What about the stories reported on by reputable sources? Those that make national headlines and involve one or more credible witnesses? Believe it or not, stories like these do exist. And they’re more common than you might think. With than in mind, here are seven paranormal mysteries that will give you chills.

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By kylefinndempsey

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(via US Naval officer Saw A Secret Alien Base In Antarctica 👽🐙🛸🐙👽)

As if Antarctica has been the subject of controversy in the recent months but guy’s here’s another amazing story from the express online which states that there’s an officer in the US Navy that has come forward but all be it not actually, only his story has been put forward because he wants to stay anonymous but for now as he has given an amazing account of what he saw in Antarctica? He has served for 20 years in the US military so this must of been exceptionally hard for him to do. 👽🐙🛸🛸🐙👽

5 Terrifying TRUE Poltergeist Horror Stories &…

5 Terrifying TRUE Poltergeist Horror Stories & Encounters: undefined



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From Moi Pulemet, 1906.

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David Cheifetz, Ego, 2017. Oil on Panel.