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Norimitsu Odachi: Who Could Have Possibly Wiel…

Norimitsu Odachi: Who Could Have Possibly Wielded This Enormous 15th Century Japanese Sword?: undefined

ghostquest-usa: McAlpine Creek Park in #Char…


McAlpine Creek Park in #Charlotte, #NorthCarolina:

#McAlpine #Creek #Park in Charlotte, North Carolina is a 114-acre wilderness park with a #lake, #fishing pier, #dog #park, #hiking trails, and #soccer field. Visitors walking along the McAlpine Creek trails report witnessing #apparitions and #shadow #figures, as well as hearing disembodied footsteps and voices at night. Local #legend claims that the #skeleton of a #man was found at a mill house nearby, and that his #spirit is the one #haunting the trails.

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Czechia’s ‘Bone Church’ Is Getting a Good, Tho…

Czechia’s ‘Bone Church’ Is Getting a Good, Thorough Cleaning:

The ossuary is one of the most visited places in Czechia, drawing in around up to half a million visitors annually. According to Reuters, the famed haunt is now undergoing a macabre makeover. Inside the ossuary rest four large pyramids composed entirely of bones. A team of restoration professionals is tasked with first disassembling the pyramids. The experts will then give the bones a thorough cleansing before reassembling the structures back to their ghoulish glory. The goal isn’t to just have a stack of good-looking bones, but to strengthen the integrity of the 600-year-old church, which serves as the final resting place of plague victims as well as casualties of the crusades.

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There are surprisingly few UFO sightings in this age of cheap flights and HD cameras in every phone

The fuck are you talking about? There are literally tons of UFO videos in high definition on youtube, shot from multiple angles, some of them from news stations. And yeah, there’s plenty of videos taken from inside a plane. There are more UFO sightings now than there have ever been, you just might not know about them because there’s like, ultimately 8 guys who control the entire mainstream media and it benefits them for you to think we’re all alone and our everyday human lives are super important and unique. Well they are, but people might think they’re not if they knew we were surrounded by intelligent species.
Anyways, it annoys me when people say “why’s there no UFO videos we have smartphones” because you can literally find those videos if you search “UFO sightings” on youtube. Pick through the fake shit and find the genuine videos. Stop letting the media choose what you know, and assuming they have your best interest in mind. They want your fear and your money and your views.

myhauntedsalem: 100 Step CemeteryBrazil, Indi…


100 Step Cemetery
Brazil, Indiana

In Brazil, Indiana is the 100 Step Cemetery. Headstones in the cemetery date back to the 1860s. Over the years a legend developed. The legend states that on a completely dark night, if you climb all the steps and reach 100 when you get to the top you are supposed to see a ghost.

This ghost is then supposed to cause you to have a vision of when you are to die. If you turn around and walk to the bottom and count 100 steps once again, you will not die as shown in the vision. If you do not reach 100 you will dies as predicted.

The ghost is believed to be the cemetery’s first undertaker. Further stories state that if you do not walk on the stairs, and choose to go down on the grass and hand will push you down and a red handprint will stay on your body for a few days.

The handprint is believed to be the mark of the devil.

18 + 44

18 + 44

18. I’ve loved four women in my life and had serious relationships with 3 of them. They each effected me deeply. Overall, I know each experience changed me for the better often forcing me to learn from my mistakes and mature.

44. My eyes are dark brown

ghostquest-usa: #Historic #Latta #Plantatio…


#Historic #Latta #Plantation in Charlotte, North Carolina:

Constructed during the early 1800’s, visitors at the 52-acre Latta Plantation in #Charlotte, #NorthCarolina report encountering apparitions and shadow figures throughout the property, as well as the plantation’s main house, where employees report hearing disembodied voices and strange noises, as if heavy furniture is being moved in empty rooms. Others report hearing the sounds of children running and playing in the attic, or report feeling a strange presence.

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ghostquest-usa: Carolina Theatre in #Charlott…


Carolina Theatre in #Charlotte, #NorthCarolina:

First opened in 1927, the #Carolina #Theatre in Charlotte, North Carolina​ is said to be #haunted by the #spirit of a #man, nicknamed #Fred, whose #apparition is most often seen by guests on the balcony during performances. The Carolina Theatre was closed in November of 1978, but renovations began in 2017 to reopen it.

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ghostquest-usa: #Old #Charlotte #Fire #Depa…


#Old #Charlotte #Fire #Department #Station No. 4 in Charlotte, North Carolina:

Constructed in 1925, the old Charlotte Fire Department Station No. 4 in #Charlotte, #NorthCarolina is said to be #haunted by the #spirit of a former #firefighter named #Pruett L. #Black, who was #killed in 1934 after accidentally falling from the 2nd floor. The station was closed in 1972, and reopened for a short period as a museum in the early 2000’s, at which point visitors often reported countering Mr. Black’s #apparition, accompanied by the #phantom scent of cigar smoke.

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