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Did the Inca build the megalithic temples? Presented by Brien Foerster.

jesus christ…where do I even begin? I’ve seen a lot of ancient alien theorists blabbering inaccuracies about old civilizations but this video wins the prize. Let me just make clear that I (and therefore this blog) does not support in any way the ancient alien theory, because well, first of all it openly discredits all archaeological and scientific works that have been done so far but it also insinuate (its not even insinuating at this point) that the said civilizations could not have possibly built their material culture because what? they were too primitive? too unrefined to be able to build these monuments? 

Bringing new hypothesis and theories regarding the development of a civilization isn’t wrong, it’s even encouraged! but this guy…is just a ufologist that visited Cuzco twice and thought he was Mudler, i mean look at his site

First of all, can the whole frenzy about the elongated skulls honestly be put to rest already? This guy right here wants to do some DNA tests to prove these skulls were part of an unidentified superior race….ok, except it’s a technique called artifical cranial deformation that’s been used on a world scale through times (Huns, Romans..ya name it), modelling the infants skulls during early years to elongate it. See this right here ? That’s a french dude from the 19th century. So much for your lil green man..

Also i did watch most of the video (that’s an hour of eye rolling and sadness because the guy has quite an audience!). First of all he bases his all rhetoric on contradicting the tour guides he met while visiting sites (lol! tour guides are trained archaeologists now?) and his personal (and unresearched) observations and interpretations. Google is free, there’s already been a LOT of research done on the Inca architectural construction techniques. Stating that Incas couldn’t possibly carve into the oh so hard basalt stone because they didn’t have any good tools…is just plain stupid. You know, just look around at other types of masonry through the ages, the Rapanui from Easter Island used basalt hammers, percussion tools used for the making of Stonehenge (but hey, all that stuff was alienz too i guess). The protuberance you can still see on the huge stone walls are most likely traces of a traction technique using a rope (that too has been witness pretty frequently). 

The way the famous Inca stone walls were imbricated is what seem to bug him the most. Yeah they’re pretty perfect, one blocstone even has 12 edges! But you know…greeks did it too, but no one’s fussing about it ! (Apollo Temple in Delphi)

When he mentions Atlantis as a “proof” that ancient ultra technologized civilizations existed before our time, i just gave up (I don’t even wanna start on this because…just Google Timaeus and Critias by Plato).

I wrote this long ass post because in my opinion, this kind of mentality can harm the descendants of those societies and just occult the amazing heritage of their ancestors in favour of unfounded and mostly unscientific rhetorics. 

Also notice that those kinds of theories are mostly (if not only) targeting extra-european civilizations, and for a reason : a still thriving perception of native cultures that originated (and really didn’t evolve since then) from the 18th c. european racist observations. But that’s just my opinion.

TL;DR : No Ancient Aliens on this blog! 🙂 (apart from this post)

As a Peruvian, it’s always insulting to see this ancient aliens bullshit pop up on my feed. I’m glad someone took the effort of ranting so I didn’t have to. 

But yeah, fuck you for assuming they couldn’t make their own megaliths. fucking goons.