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Credible people Who’ve Seen UFOs:

Presidents || NASA Astronauts || 

Pilots Who Have Disappeared Chasing a UFO:

Mantell UFO Incident || Disappearance of Frederick Valentich || The Kinross Incident

Mass UFO Sightings/Highly Credible UFO Sightings:

Belgium UFO Waves || Hudson Valley UFO || Phoenix Lights || Rendlesham Forest Incident || Washington D.C. UFO Sighting || Redlands UFO Sighting || Green Fireballs In New Mexico ||

Ancient UFOs:

List of Most Famous UFO Sightings from 214 BCE to Modern Day || UFOs In Old Paintings from the 1100 to 1538 ||


Famous Alien Abductions or Encounters (with multiple people or witnesses) :

Betty and Barney Hill || Travis Walton || 60+ Children in Zimbabwe Witness UFO and Occupants || Vorenzh UFO Sighting || Father Gill/Papua New Guinea Sighting || Allagash Abduction || Whitley Strieber || Ron Noel Case || 

Credible Conspiracies:

Roswell ||

Online Resources:

Interactive “Most Credible” UFO Map || Alien Encounter Documentary Made By Disney || Best UFO Pictures || Declassified UFO and Alien Documents || MUFON UFO Reports || NUFORC UFO Reports ||