The Stickman Figure Phenomenon


The figures have been described as unusually tall, black in appearance, lacking any facial or bodily features and very lean. Their appearances have been documented on message forums and websites since 2008 and often are sighted around dusk or dawn. Reports have had them walking on the sides of roads or in alleys and they seem to follow the unlucky person who witnesses them. 

Another strange thing about these stick figures is that they make no sound and cast no shadow. Rumour also has it that the figures are often charged with some form of electricity (most often reported as static). Source.

Redditor jacyerickson wrote: 

I had some experiences as a child that I would consider paranormal. After my teenage years I never really opened up about them to people, because of how crazy it sounds. It wasn’t until several years ago that I started researching on the internet and found I wasn’t alone in seeing these strange creatures. I know it might sound silly to some, but this is what I experienced: Thank you for this! When I was growing up I had a best friend who lived down the street. We lived in a quiet, small town where her dad was always working. I would walk to her house everyday after school and we would often take walks, walk to the liquor store to buy candy etc. I would often see a stick man following us, peeking out from behind her coach etc. He was all black and changed sizes. Sometimes the size of a small cat, other times taller than a normal size man. I felt very scared of him and felt he was mischievous at best, perhaps evil, I finally got the courage up to tell my best friend and she admitted to seeing him too. I always got the feeling he was the same one every time, not different stick men. One time he appeared in the shape of a stick figure horse (like a bad child’s drawing.) I always believed him to be somehow following me and watching me. Until, when my best friend passed away suddenly our senior year of high school. She had a genetic heart condition that nobody (including herself) had known about. I’ve never seen what we called “stick man” ever since. I believe now perhaps he was some form of grim reaper awaiting his time to take my friend. I don’t know if that’s really the case, but it seems odd the sightings of him disappeared after she passed.”

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