curiouscryptids: Silver Star Mountain Bigfoot On November 17,…


Silver Star Mountain Bigfoot

On November 17, 2005 an anonymous backpacker took these photos on top of Silver Star Mountain in Gifford Pinchot National Forest in Washington. He claims there was nobody else around and that the figure in the photos is not that of another backpacker. When zoomed in the photos truly don’t look like a backpacker at all, and the body proportions look significantly larger than an average human. There’s no visible backpack, camping gear or clothing on the figure as well. The figure in question truly does appear to be that of a large bipedal animal, and many believe it’s a Sasquatch. The backpacker said the snow was very deep and it would be unwise for any backpacker or snowshoer to be up there. What was truly photographed up on Silver Star will remain unknown, but most cryptozoologists and Bigfoot enthusiasts believe it is without a doubt, a Sasquatch.