generationexorcist: Chudail From Hyderabad Goes Viral! See Pic…


Chudail From Hyderabad Goes Viral! See Pic Of The Freaky Ghost
In White Scare India-Pakistan Social Media Buffs.

Chudail or witches or Banshee are commonly heard horrifying figures known to us all. But what happens when the chudail or the female spirit is captured on camera for real? Well, do not be a bundle of nerves as a photo of ‘chudail’ from Hyderabad in Pakistan has gone viral on the internet. It shows a scary female ghost in white, scaring the social media buffs from India and Pakistan. The scare-fest began with Faakhir Mehmood, a famous Pakistani singer posting a picture of ‘churail’ on Facebook. It started a huge discussion, with some rubbishing the authenticity of the original photo while some seemed scared by the picture of the ghostly avatar.

Anything and everything related to supernatural elements get us hooked to the news. It becomes even more dramatic when the term ‘real’ picture or incident is attached to the story. Hence, when a photo of horrifying ‘chudail from Hyderabad’ was posted by Faakhir, it was bound to catch the attention of majority. The pic shows an alien figure, definitely not human sitting at a height probably on the walls with the crowd clicking pictures in the middle of the night of the rare (read: questionable) existence.

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