A Man Falls to his Death at Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs

Late the night of June 11, a man fell to his death
from the fourth floor staircase inside the Crescent Hotel, according to a
Eureka Springs Police Department press release.

William Thomas, 62, was from Webb City, Missouri.

Emergency responders were called out shortly after 11
p.m. and transported Thomas to Eureka Springs Hospital where he was pronounced
dead, Police Chief Thomas Achord said.

“The man walked out of the bar and fell over the railing
at the top of the staircase,” Achord said, “We know he had been in the bar on
top of the Crescent, and we know his wife was with him.”

The victim’s body was sent to the State Medical Examiner
for an autopsy.


About The Crescent

Widely renowned as one of the most haunted hotel in the
country, the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs is one place which is frequented
by several ghosts. Staff members have been receiving a lot of reports from
guests of strange occurrences in their room. Room 202 is the room where a ghost
was photographed in. In room 218, guests have reported strange sounds,
sensations, and even full bodied apparitions. Doors have slammed shut by
themselves and people have been awakened at night. It is reported that Room 218
was the location of a strange death. One of the builders (Michael, an Irish
stonemason) of the hotel fell from the roof during construction in 1885. He
landed and died on the spot where room 218 was built.

The lobby and the halls are not exempt from these ghosts.
People have reported seeing a middle aged man with a moustache sitting in the
lobby and sometimes in the bar area. He only sits quietly and then suddenly
vanishes. Back in 1987, a guest claimed they saw a nurse pushing a gurney down
the hallway in the middle of the night. After reaching the wall, the nurse
suddenly vanished. Other guests have reported seeing Norman Baker, the one-time
owner who cruelly fooled so many cancer patients in to thinking he had a cure.

[Excerpt from Haunted