Riverdale Road- July 3rd

Tonight we ventured out to riverdale road with our brother for a quick trip but had to bring him home almost immediately. When we brought him home, miranda and myself went back out to riverdale road. We passed the tree and didn’t feel anything so we drove up the road to 136th. We turned down the road unexpectedly due to a motorcycle driving dangerously behind us. When we turned down the road, I saw what looked like an opaque human shadow walk in front of a road light. When we drove up to the gate we sat there for a minute and miranda started to get a severe shoulder pain. Shortly after that, no more than a couple minutes later I felt severe severe anxiety and felt like I had to look behind us, which brought to my attention that there was a car shortly behind us so we sped off. We went to the parking lot we normally go to and got out of the car to look for marks. Over the driver seat where I was sitting was what looked like a chicken print. On mirandas door there was fingerprints and a full palm print. We also found prints on the inside of the door where it closes when it’s shut. I got back into the car while miranda was checking her door and found a mark that looked like someone had put a cigarette out on the seat. We are both relatively bigger girls so even if it had been something we smoked, our legs would have covered it. What we do smoke was much larger than the hole that was left. There was also a tiny one in the back seat as well. We then took out the pendulum and the board to try to communicate and see if anything was there. I asked it if anything was here with us and it responded with yes. I then asked if it would like to talk to us, and on the board it just repetitively spelled out “LEAVE”. I tried asking it again and my ear started to ring and miranda felt a stabbing pain in her ribs while my leg felt like something was poking it with a needle. When miranda was holding the pendulum it didn’t feel like it was freely swinging like normal, it felt like something was pulling it toward the letters. I felt something behind me and felt very uncomfortable so we left. The ringing and the pain in Mirandas shoulder wouldn’t go away. We started to light sage but the sage smoke refused to go near an area in the car where we kept hearing tapping, even while the sage was directly below it. We quickly went into a random neighborhood and got turned around. When we finally got somewhere we knew, we were at the intersection on 136th right before the gates. I have an extremely good sense of direction and have no idea how we got there. We refused to go down it so we went north to take the highway to come south down the length of riverdale. We both continuously kept getting the chills. We passed 136th to go down 128th. Something didn’t feel right, and we got extremely nauseous. When we got home we checked my leg and saw what looked like hives where it was hurting. I’m not allergic to anything and there should be no reason to get hives. We have two dogs at home and so naturally we took them out to go potty. Keep in mind, both of the dogs are extremely protective. When we walked both the car, one of them looked at it and barked. It’s the middle of the night, no one was around and there was no reason for her to bark. Then the other dog jumped up and looked in the window. We tried to take them away from the car but they kept staring back at it until we got inside the house.

My question for any of you followers is im not sure why the hives appeared on my leg. Do any of you know any paranormal entity that would cause that? We are pretty sure that there is a demon on that road.