ambermaitrejean: what grows in your heart at the end of the…


what grows in your heart at the end of the day?
as the night birds call and the sun fades away
when the stars appear to light your way
what seeds did you sow today…
love or hate?

your heart is a garden in which seeds are sown
and carefully nurtured until they are grown
at the end of the day when you are alone
what grows in your garden
is none but your own

we all have a garden in which we must stand
to face all that grows there, all by our hand
by the light of the moon that shines o’er the land
is it blooming or barren
cold desert sand?

is the path through your garden honest and clear
or choked with the brambles of all you hold dear?
does it bring you great comfort when no one is near
or prickle with thorns
watered with fear?

is it welcome and open for others to see
or walled with the stones of bigotry?
is it blooming with hope and possibility
or withered with ruin
decaying debris

you will dwell in your garden all of your life
amongst all you have sown morning to night
when the new dawn gives way to the glare of daylight
what grows in
your heart?
-I choose
love all my life

Photo and poem by Amber Maitrejean