didanawisgi: The Green Man represents the mystical rebirth of…


The Green Man represents the mystical rebirth of the human soul upon Gnosis. Realizing we are One with Nature, and that the Supreme Architect of the Universe IS nature. Man can only attempt to understand her Law. Like the plant that regenerates on the Equinox, so too shall the Spirit of Man on his perilous journey towards his inner self, to cultivate the spiritual Seed that dwells within the living carcass (chrysallis)

of his body.  Almost every cell in the human body, including brain cells, are damaged, destroyed and replaced; reincarnated in cyclical fashion.  It is not this corporeal substance which makes us wondrous (although it appears so).  It is the Eternal Mind.  The Spirit that IS.  Once you have worked to find and cultivate your inner spiritual world, let it bloom and adorn Natures’ halls with your beauty.  Die unto the physical world, and be awakened to the spiritual.  The death of false illusion, caput mortuum: Do not let your soul wither to the false pretense of the world, for all that is corporeal, will change.  All that is Manifest, will be

Unmanifest.  The Corpus Hermeticum states: “Now were It manifest, It would not be. For all that is made manifest is subject to becoming, for it hath been made manifest. But the Unmanifest for ever is, for It doth not desire to be made manifest. It ever is, and maketh manifest all other things.”


Be reborn in the understanding of Nature, reflect her Laws, and live forever. For she IS you.

Richard E. Gordon III, 32, PHA