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The Spiritual Meaning of the Bee

”The ‘Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry’ provides many references to the Bee, including the fact that honey is used to illustrate moral teachings. In this regard, the Masonic initiate is instructed to;

‘Go to the bee, and learn how diligent she is, and what a noble work she produces; whose labour kings and private men use for their health. She is desired and honoured by all, and, though weak in strength, yet since she values wisdom she prevails.’”

Source: http://andrewgough.co.uk/articles_bee3/

“The beehive is found in Masonry as a reminder that in diligence and labor for a common good true happiness and prosperity are found. The bee is a symbol of wisdom, for as this tiny insect collects pollen from the flowers, so men may extract wisdom from the experiences of daily life. The bee is sacred to the goddess Venus and, according to mystics, it is one of several forms of life which came to the earth from the planet Venus millions of years ago. This is why the origin of bees cannot be traced. The fact that bees are ruled by queens is one reason why this insect is considered a sacred feminine symbol.” -The Secret Teachings of All Ages, Manly P. Hall

Bees are industrious, and in this industry they set an example for the Craft and all of us, to work diligently to create a spiritual sustenance for all mankind. We should strive to create that sweet honey by gathering the pollen of spiritual wisdom found in many diverse environments and use it to elevate and organize our Mind. Thus with our words and actions, we can create a golden honey of a healing, loving, ‘soul food’ nature that can inspire the Hidden Spirit, buried beneath the sepulchre of substance, Ego, and material things, to bloom forth like the flower of life and a soul transformed. May other industrious seekers of spiritual insight feast on the honey we provide, to complete a turn of the spiritual circle of life.  This is how the Great Work comes to fruition. S.M.I.B.

-Richard E. Gordon, III 32 PHA