X-Zone Broadcast Network – Peter Robbins

X-Zone Broadcast Network – Peter Robbins:

This week I reached out to Peter Robbins to talk about his experiences in the world of the UFO. Yes, I sort of asked the lame question about how he got started but only because I wasn’t sure how it had happened. That took us into the world of alien abduction, a place that I hadn’t wanted to visit. But Peter had worked for a long time with Budd Hopkins, was familiar with the abduction phenomenon, and had a personal experience with abduction that I thought was interesting. You can listen to the program here:
For those who remember, Carol Rainey visited the program about a year ago. She is a documentary producer who was married to Budd Hopkins for ten years. Her take on this was somewhat different. For those who missed that program, you can listen to it here:https://youtu.be/uE_B7E6FBSA