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Bigfoot Sightings, Encounters and Evidence. 

A cryptid is a mythical or legendary animal, monster or creature yet
to be accepted by mainstream science. Most beasts of folklore go by
several names in several locations, and Bigfoot is no different. In
southeastern Canada, northwestern U.S. and the Adirondack Mountains of
upstate New York, he’s called Sasquatch. In the Himalayas, he’s the
Yeti, or Abominable Snowman. In pockets of southeastern U.S., including
Florida, he’s the Skunk Ape. He’s the Yowie of Australia, the Yeren of
China and the Ban-manush of Bangladesh.

While an overabundance of people claim to have seen Bigfoot, the vast
majority of witnesses request to remain anonymous. Their sightings are
shrugged off, as perhaps they should be. Yet several intelligent,
logical people have reported seeing something they couldn’t explain that drew the name of Bigfoot (or its regional equivalent) from their lips.

Many of those sightings have been reported
in the Adirondack Mountains since pre-Colonial days and continue today.
During the summer of 1976 on a country road in the upstate New York
town of Whitehall, civilians and police officers witnessed and pursued
what is believed to have been the mythical Bigfoot.

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