“Look, I am not religious and I am pretty skeptical about the paranormal even though I have seen…

“Look, I am not religious and I am pretty skeptical about the paranormal even though I have seen things that made me remain open minded.

The thing I want to talk about happened a few days back. I was at my parents’ house in the countryside (I’m not from the US, I’m from Europe) and I was sleeping in the living room. 

Now, the house layout is like this: there is only one entrance, from which starts a hallway that ends with the bathroom. Along the hallway are three doors–my parent’s bedroom, my little sister’s bedroom and the living room (it’s a small house). The kitchen is in a separate building, and in the back of the house is a small shed. We also have 2 dogs outside. 

Anyway, I’m rambling. The thing that happened was when my mom, my sister and my cousin were sleeping in my sister’s bedroom while I was in the living room because the room is very big so it’s colder during night (it’s summer, it’s hot). During that night I could hear barefoot footsteps on the hone tiles. 

At first I thought it was my mom walking in the hallway but the steps moved around the house and I realized they were from the porch. This alone was kinda freaky, I mean who walk barefoot in front of someone else’s house? But then it started getting creepier ‘cause I could hear something made of plastic being rattled outside.

It took me around 5 seconds to realise that the sound was from the exterior door (It’s a double door, the kind with 2 sets of doors that open in different directions. I don’t know how it’s called). Someone was trying to open the exterior door. I was freaked out especially because my dogs were barking like crazy. They are in an enclosed space because they are guard dogs and we don’t want them to attack anyone even though they are not very aggressive dogs. I was laying in my bed and listening how the rattling at the door stopped only to hear it at the living room window. It stopped soon but the footsteps didn’t. I only fell asleep around 2-3 am and when I did the footsteps were still walking around the house.

Now I am not sure if it was something supernatural or not but I tend to think so because it just felt…weird. Like the footsteps didn’t have any weight to them. They were just sound. And the rattlings too. I honestly don’t know what would be scarier, it being a supernatural phenomenon or it being a person that actually wanted to break into our house and kept circling it for hours (barefooted!!!)…”

By: Andrew