doubleshuck: Charlie Noonan, an enthusiast of all things…


Charlie Noonan, an enthusiast of all things supernatural, was told of a strange woman who was apparently not human. Said to live on her own in an isolated farmhouse, it was said that she only appeared as a woman from a distance, and that her scarf was actually concealing her true nature. The woman was reportedly always seen with a large dog by her side. An avid photographer, Noonan decided to investigate the story on his travels. He vanished during the trip, and was never heard from again.

Years later, a pawnbroker who remembered Noonan’s disappearance contacted Noonan’s wife, after buying what appeared to be Noonan’s camera. When Mrs Noonan had the film developed, there was only one photo on the roll. That picture is the one shown above. No further information was gathered from the photo, and Noonan remains missing.

[Photo from my own personal collection; multiple copies available online.]