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The people in Puerto Rico are currently Still without power. It is very hard for us to contact our loved ones that don’t have landlines. Also, when they leave the house to run errands they cannot make phone calls back to check on their family members because the cell phones die very quickly. Some people have tablets and laptops but cannot use them simply because there is very little power sources available. I would like to place an order for 4,500 more solar power chargers like the one in this video that will allow people to charge their laptops, tablets, and cell phones, even in the dark. Check the GoGundMe link in my bio for updated pics and information. I’ll be taking more recently purchased supplies there all week. Our supplies are delivered by private jet and taken directly to the Cheesecake Factory in PR (San Juan)where people can get access to the life saving supplies.
PERMANENT drop off address for #PuertoRico if you are mailing or dropping supllies.
4biddenknowledge Inc
934 N University Dr Suite 417
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33071
We have delivered over 56,000 lbs of supplies!!! #4Biddenknowledge
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