Is the Grinning Man real?


The Grinning Man was apparently first


in 1966, according to John Keel, the paranormal investigator mostly know for his book

The Mothman Prophecies. 

The story about the Ginning man involved 2 boys walking along a street in New Jersey in October 1966. The boys were walking in the same area that earlier that day a woman had reported being chased by a “tall, green man”, and the two were nervous about the story. They were to report later that they saw perhaps the same man, standing behind a fence in some brush, looking at a house across the road from the boys.

The being was behind them, and was wearing a green one-peice suit that reflected the streetlights nearby. It noticed the boys looking at him, turned and began to smile – a grin that stretched from ear to ear. Having elongated eyes, the boys could not make out whether the creature had ears, a nose or hair.

That same night, miles away, reports of a “bright-white” UFO began filtering in to the police, and several officers reportedly saw the object themsleves hovering near a local reservior.