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I have joined forces with @bandaidforamerica_ to bring food and supplies to Puerto Rico and other places in America that need assistance. Right now our focus is getting dozens of pallets of food donated by the Fresh Market, picked up and set for shipping and delivery to Puerto Rico for the holidays. We have a new private jet based in Kendall Florida that will take the food and supplies directly to the people. LINK IN BIO FOR DONATIONS. GofundMe does not take paypal. For paypal donations send to 4biddenknowledge@gmail.com
We need funds for renting full size trucks, pallet jacks, and fuel.
I will also be sending 1000 solar chargers and I’m looking into solar panels that can power lighting and small appliances.
If you want to send physical goods or gifts for the holidays please send to this address below.
934 N University Dr Suite 417
Coral Springs, FL 33071