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Ghostly Figure Photographed Outside Georgia’s Bulloch Hall?

This eerie picture, which shows a ghostly figure dressed in a long, black gown, was captured at Bulloch Hall in Roswell, Georgia. John Avena, a ghost hunter and leader of a ‘Roswell Ghost Tours’, says many strange things have been reported at the 19th century mansion, such as rocking chairs that rock on their own, unexplained music that plays somewhere from within the home, and full-bodied apparitions.

The image is definitely intriguing. It doesn’t appear to have been doctored, and judging from other pictures of Bulloch Hall, there aren’t any small trees or lawn ornaments that could’ve been mistaken for a ghost. While it’s still possible that the picture was faked, I personally think the image looks pretty real, but I’m still a bit skeptical only because of how easily, and frequently, fake ghost pictures are produced in this day-and-age. What do you think? Does the image show a real ghost walking across the lawn of this purportedly haunted mansion? Could this simply be a case of pareidolia? Or is this just another hoax? I’d love to know your thoughts on this image.


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