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It’s an horned
figure described as half goat, half demon, who during the Christmas season
punishes child who have misbehaved, in contrast with Saint Nicholas who rewards
good children. Krampus is one of his companions in many countries but the
origin of this figure are still unknown even if it has been theorized that
could be dated back to Pre – Christian alpine traditions. Krampus started to be
incorporated into Christian winter celebrations in the 17th century.
It’s generally described as an hairy creature, generally with brown hair all
over his body and has cloven hooves and horns of a goat. He has a pointed
tongue and fangs. He carries chains, binding of the devil by the Christian
church. With chains he carries also bells and sometimes ha has a sack or a
basket strapped to his back, to cart off bad children to transport to Hell. The
feast of Saint Nicholas is celebrated in parts of Europe on 6th
December and the evening before, the night of the 5th December, it’s
celebrated the Krampus night or Krampusnacht where the hairy devils walk the
streets in a parade accompanying Saint Nicholas. Traditions and costumes
related to this character change from place to place.  

Image: old postcard showing a Krampus “ gruss vom Krampus!” (greetings from the Krampus!)