The Most Mysterious Cats Of All

The Most Mysterious Cats Of All:

Next to the werewolf, the Were-Cat is without any doubt the most prevalent of all shapeshifters: throughout Africa, the Americas, and Asia, legends tell of these strange beasts that lurk in the darkness, and that have the ability to mutate from man to animal and back again. In Africa of the 1700s and 1800s, for example, Were-Leopards were suspected of not being humans transformed into animals, but the exact opposite: namely, paranormal-style Leopard-Gods who could deliberately take on human form to allow them to seduce and mate with the men and women of the tribes that both feared and revered the beasts in equal measures. Their unique offspring, African lore states, are always born with the ability to take on the appearance of leopards – either deliberately or, more often than not, in a fashion completely beyond their control, and very much like the situation when the hapless victim of the werewolf-curse mutates at the sight of a full moon.