Special Cases – The Long Island File (72): Vic…

Special Cases – The Long Island File (72): Vicki Hayes and Joseph Henslik « JOHN KEEL:

John records his interactions with Vicki Hayes, a local contactee, and Joseph Henslik, who claimed a visit from the Men In Black. John finds Vicki’s story more credible than Joseph’s; earlier in his notes he says Henslik had admitted a hoax. Gordon Evans wrote for Fate, Flying Saucer Review, and other magazines.

John also notes that Apol/Appell had returned the fourth questionnaire, and transcribes Apol’s red pencil note. Tim’na was Apol’s name for Jaye Paro. I assume “Davis” is Isabel Davis, active in several UFO groups, but it could also be Frank Davis, who showed up now and then in Jaye Paro’s stories.