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                                       KUCHISAKE ONNA

Japanese word meaning
“ slit – mouthed woman” and this is one of the most popular urban legends in
Japan. It’s the ghost of a woman who has mutilated and has come back to wreak
vengeance on the world. Her names comes from the deep, bloody gash which runs across
her face, grinning from ear to ear. She appears at night to lone travelers on
the road, covering her mouth with a cloth mask. This demon sneaks up on her
victim in the dark and asks them if they think she’s beautiful, if the victim
answers yes, she pulls off her mask and reveals her mouth and she repeats her
question and if the answer is no or her victim screams in terror, she slashes
him. If he lies and answers yes a second time, she walks away only to follow
her target at home and slaughter him anyway.

Source: Matthew MeyerThe night parade of One Hundred demons 

Image: antic print depicting the kuchisake onna made by Hayami Shungyōsai