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Countries that are food-self-sufficient

#im frankly amazed that india and the US made it into this tbh#well maybe lessss so for india

remember that the majority of non-coastal america – the majority of the country by land area – is sort of like one massive, thinly populated food factory. the US is the world’s largest producer of corn, soy, dairy, chicken, and beef, not to mention a host of other non-staple foods. in fact, understanding what the US chooses to do with its colossal agricultural surplus is vital to understanding US imperialism. many of the countries not marked as ‘food-self-sufficient’ on this map are fed largely by the united states, including mexico and much of east/southeast asia

you may have heard the anecdote about how ‘america’s economic governance is so backward, farmers get paid not to grow corn!’ (or to burn their corn, etc.) well, that actually happens because america produces so much food that the excess is constantly threatening to drive prices below profitable levels. america has to deliberately restrain its own agricultural production so it doesn’t collapse under its own weight