Years ago I worked at a place in the Pike Place Market in Seattle. That whole market has all kinds of ghost stories. I stayed after closing one night, because I was going to meet some friends for a show in Belltown and it was easier to just stay at work then go home and come back. I got hungry, so I went to the kitchen to make a sandwich. The only bread there was unsliced and when I went to the knife drawer, the drawer was empty. We had just hired a new cook and he had re-arranged the whole kitchen to suit his ego and he hid the knives. I crashed around all over the kitchen trying to find where he hi the knives and gave up. When I walked back to the counter where I had set the loaf of bread, there was a bread knife sitting right next to it. At first I freaked out, but then said THANKS out loud and made my sandwich. As I was leaving a little later, I walked past my coworker’s open office door and noticed that she had left her computer on. This was back in the day when you were supposed to shut down your computer by going to the DOS prompt and typing PARK or something. I went into her office, and sat down to turn off her computer. When I got up to leave, there was a stack of four office chairs, piled in front of the doorway, blocking me in. I had just walked through that doorway. I was 6 feet away and never heard a thing. THEN I started freaking out, pushed the chairs aside and got out of there as fast as I could. The next day I told my coworkers and one of them contacted a Native American spiritual leader who came in and supposedly cleaned the place of spirits. He said that they were just lonely and wanted me to stay and keep them company.