The Haunting of Squire’s Castle



In Willoughby Hills, Ohio, the remnants of a work of beauty stand tall. Unfortunately, this historical site has been damaged, not only by nature, but by vandals, it’s depressing to see something of history so mistreated. 


The squire name appears throughout Cleveland, they are a very important family to the Northern Ohio area, one member of this family Feargus Squire, a hotshot executive for the Standard Oil Company, had this property built in the late 1800′s, but it was never finished and Feargus sold the property, which was later acquired by the Ohio metro-parks. Squire’s Castle is now a place where families can visit, eat lunch at, and explore for free.


Legend says one dark night at the castle, Feargus’ wife, Rebecca, either tripped and fell, breaking her neck or saw something so horrifying, she died of fright. Now every-night you can see the glow of her lantern through the windows of the castle. 

In reality, Rebecca died in Wickliffe, Ohio, a great distance away from the castle, but maybe she felt drawn to the castle, maybe the castle was unfinished business and this why she may haunt it.


The picture above is from my visit to the castle, and while I didn’t experience a haunting, I had a nice time. The castle used to have a roof and a second floor, but by the time I had got to visit this place, the roof and second floor had been so damaged by vandals and the environment, the structures started to come apart, leaving only a big gaping hole above.


Is Squire’s Castle haunted? I don’t know, but what I do know is, Squire’s Castle is a fun place to visit, it’s Ohio history, and it’s a great piece of architecture, 

Now enjoy this hilariously bad music video shot at the castle.