“I grew up in a house that was above my family’s funeral home so often we had to be quiet as we played so as to not disturb the grieving families. This one time my cousins and I were playing some silly game I can’t remember any more. Suddenly, we hear a bunch of people crying. It didn’t bother us at first since it was kind of expected at a funeral home. Except there was no one downstairs, no service, no families. The funeral home was empty except for the people who worked there. And the crying got louder and louder. Female voices crying with such despair even now as I’m writing this I’m getting chills.

My cousin went to check the north corner of the room, and said it seems the sound came from there. My other cousin went to check the west corner, said it came from there. I went to check the south corner, and to me it seemed the crying sounded louder from there. It seemed wherever we went to check, the crying sounded louder on the side we were on. After a while we decided to nope right outta there and went to play in the park instead. Never found out what the hell it was we heard that day.

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“This one time we were trying to roast marshmallows on the roof of the house (it being the ceiling of the main chapel) when we heard a fluttering sound which we thought was just a dragonfly. But the sound grew louder and I thought it seemed like the wings making that sound were way bigger and stronger. My cousins and I just kept talking and eating until one of them pointed off to one side and said ‘what’s that?’ It was a smallish humanoid figure, at the time I thought it kinda looked like Cell from Dragon Ball because it was green and white and had these black wing-like things. It remained still for a few seconds and then flew away.

Another time I was playing hide and seek with my sister. As I was looking for her I heard knocking coming from one of the caskets. The sound was purposeful, like when you’re in a hurry and want someone to open the door. I knew it was empty because it was in the display room where they kept the caskets that were not being sold, so I went and knocked on the outside, twice. Whatever was inside knocked back two times as well. I knocked three more times and was waiting for an answer when my sister came out of nowhere and said, ‘don’t do that, he doesn’t like it.’”

By: ImaginaryMoon (What is the creepiest and most
unexplainable paranormal experience you’ve ever had?