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 Communion by Whitley Strieber

This book is a famous one within the Alien community and genre, it accounts the authors experiences with extraterrestrial beings and strange occurrences. Whitley is a successful Horror author and released this controversial book in February 25th 1987. Whitley describes how he has periods of missing time and terrifying flashbacks, which later through hypnosis connects this to alien encounters and abductions. 

The cover art of the book is one of the most well known art renderings of a Grey Alien being. Whitley describes this grey on the cover as female. 

“The woman whose portrait is on the cover
of Communion … was without a doubt the greatest
master I have ever known. Her being projected devastatingly powerful knowledge. … She
has been with me for longer than life itself. I am one of her many projects. In
the world of the soul, she’s rich, on a big journey in the direction of
ecstasy, and seeking to travel there the only way you can, in a great chorus of
free souls.”

There are many skeptics of this book, claiming he is crazy or using this story to get money (since it was a bestseller). Although Whitley himself tried to reason with his encounters and memories by trying very hard (even eagerly) to dismiss it as just a result of a brain tumor or some undiscovered aberration in his brain. Eventually he had to come to terms with accepting that these things actually had happened to him. As with any other abduction reports it is up to the reader to believe or not.