Moon and Apollo mission UFOs | What is NASA …

Moon and Apollo mission UFOs | What is NASA hiding? Strange ALIEN crafts on lunar surface! (2018)

MOON and Apollo mission UFOs – What is NASA hiding? Strange alien crafts on lunar surface! (03/06/2018) Luis Elizondo interview on the 2018 UFO Disclosure.

Of all the mysteries this world has to offer, the existence of the moon remains one of the most perplexing on of all. Why do we have a moon that from our perspective is the exact size as the Sun. 

With such odds as conservative as 1/1000, how is it that the only planet in the solar system with intelligent life also only has one moon that is the same size as the Sun. Wouldn’t logic force an individual to reinterpret the fundamental questions of how life and the universe got started? Is Earth and the moon really just a coincidence?

 It has been nearly half a century since NASA has allowed astronauts to step to the surface the moon. Yet, for the few who have, some astronauts, like Buzz Aldrin, speak of UFOs in space. Other astronauts, like Gordon Cooper, Edgar Mitchell, and Brian O’leary also talk about the UFO and Alien presence on Earth. And then you have to ask, What happened to the NASA tapes? 

This potentially being one of the most lingering mysteries to this whole Apollo lunar saga.

In addition to reviewing NASA approved images of what could be UFOs and Extra Terrestrials crafts in space, we examine an interview by Luis Elizondo talking about the nature of truth, and what it means to come out with the UFO disclosure 2018 information. Is the moon natural, or is it an artificial satellite? 

These are one of the strange and mysterious topics covered in this episode.

These are some of the UFO and Alien mysteries explored in 2ndEarth Alternative.