A former UFO expert says he was forced into re…


For a lot of us, keeping up with stories about UFO sightings and seeking evidence of alien life is, at best, a fun diversion or hobby. But one expert cautions against taking the subject too lightly, warning that “someone” out there could be watching you.

“I want to publicly warn all teenage hobbyists that this is nothing to dabble in lightly. Society is being watched by the Department of Them. Say hello to System X,” says Brian Leathley-Andrew, a former UFO hunter who says he was forced into an early retirement 50 years ago because sinister forces threatened him against continuing his research.

Leathley-Andrew started the Unidentified Flying Object Information Bureau in the late 1960s, but he closed the and destroyed his research after a number of troubling interactions made him fear for his family’s safety. Those incidents include suspected phone tapping, an encounter with a shape-shifter, and an ominous photograph of a UFO that made him believe someone was watching him.

Leathley-Andrew hasn’t investigated at all in the past half-century, and he warns others against prodding too deeply into subjects that might put them on the radar of shadowy figures.

He’s certainly not the first to voice that opinion, but given how popular and widespread UFO hunting is today, I wonder why we don’t hear stories like his more often? Is it simply because people are too scared to come forward? Or is it possible that casual hobbyists aren’t as big of a problem for “System X” as dedicated researchers like Leathley-Andrew?

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– Manny

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