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Oklahoma Octopus

Are Giant Octopi Eating Swimmers of Oklahoma’s Lakes?

Oklahoma Gazette, August 29th, 2009

The peaceful shores of Oklahoma’s lakes are always the calming sight; and quite the good morning for the folks of Oklahoma as well. Every year tourists and locals alike visit many of Oklahoma’s lakes. One of these particular lakes is Lake Tenkiller, a popular destination settled in the foothold of the Ozarks. The many attractions it harbors include camping, hiking, water sports, and scuba diving.

While many tourists enjoy the activity Lake Tenkiller provides, little do they know that it, and two other lakes harbor a terrifying mystery; some tourists who go swimming in those lakes may never return.

Each year mysterious drownings and disappearances happen in abundance. Many unfortunate people loose their lives and or their existence in the world. Many people do not know what churns beneath the surface of the lakes, but many of the locals have claimed one thing.

A monster lives in those lakes.

The legend claims that a reddish, leathery skinned, truck-sized

cephalopod lurks in the murky depths of Lake Tenkiller, Lake Thunderbird, and Lake Oolagah. Unlucky tourists would occasionally disappear and or drown in those lakes, and many of the locals blame this gigantic octopus for their deaths.