Simple Stormcalling




     Stormcalling is a very old category of weather magic which is used with the intent of creating, summoning and controlling storms. There are many methods for carrying out this act, but one of the simplest forms of Stormcalling is to simply whistle. One long whistled note imitates the sound of the wind itself, and the witch can visualize the blowing winds and coming storms while producing the sound in order to enact their will on the weather. 

     Some witches will also use the same method, but gently blow air from their mouths instead, which may be useful in situations where you may want to summon the wind or call a storm but would draw unwanted attention by whistling aloud. You can experiment with the tone and harshness of the note, perhaps using higher, sharper notes to manipulate harsher winds and storms. Varying tones can be used to demonstrate changes in the wind as well, starting loud and harsh and becoming soft and low in order to slow the wind and calm the weather.

Haha. A few years ago, I got so much shit from the tumblr witch community for writing posts about weather magic (because back then there were only like 6 people who practiced it on here) and now the methods that I shared are considered ‘the norm’.

You have no idea how happy this makes me. I’m so glad that others are trying and learning about weather magic.

I actually started my practice 6 years ago with this type of weather magick! I started specifically with calling rain and storms and whistling the wind, so seeing this makes me ecstatic just knowing that a basic energywork I was doing is actually widely used and received in the same way!