The Magic in Creating Synchronicities

The Magic in Creating Synchronicities:

Going back through the ages, way beyond the 400 years of modern science, we can find practical wisdom that helps us to adapt and flourish within the increasing intensity of life in the digital age.

Think about how to create coincidences. Certain personalityvariables including openness and belief facilitate psi experiences. Certain situations like transition, high emotion and need increase the likelihood of coincidences. Culling through ancient wisdom, Dean Radin reports in his book Real Magic(link is external)  that we need to embrace our own teleological abilities—to imagine a desired future and “let the world conspire” to make it happen. We have to be careful though. We must respect the free will and autonomy of others. For example, if the woman I love does not want to be with me but prefers to be with another man. I must not hope for the end of her new relationship. That would be attempting to subvert her will to mine. Ancient observations suggest those attempting to subvert the free will of another often have that negativity snap back at them.

Dean describes a four part synchronicity in which two people who do not know each other imagine a reciprocally desired future. They are somehow drawn to each other and fulfill their mutually desired future images.