Why the U.S. Capitol’s ‘Demon Cat’ Legend is S…

Why the U.S. Capitol’s ‘Demon Cat’ Legend is So Persistent:

Over the last two
centuries, the U.S. Capitol Building, with its underground
passages and echoing side chambers, has amassed its fair share of ghost
stories. Whether it’s the specter of a lost Civil War soldier from the
building’s brief stint as a wartime hospital, or the ghost of John Quincy Adams
shouting his final words in the Speaker’s Lobby, the Capitol Building is a
ghost hunter’s dream. But few such stories have captured the public’s
imagination like that of the Demon Cat.

“It’s probably the most common of all the ghost stories
in the capitol. Partly because of the physical evidence,” says Steve Livengood,
the chief tour guide of the U.S. Capitol
Historical Society