The most important skill on this path is discernment – the
ability to look at any person, teaching, belief, or practice and know whether
or not it will serve you and your aim.

Cultivate discernment and never stop fine tuning it.

Define what you’re looking for very clearly – whether it’s the
Truth, peace, healing, material, love, freedom, enlightenment,
Self-realization, spiritual awakening, whatever. And only spend time with those
that actually have what you’re looking for.

Many can promise what you’re looking for without actually having
it themselves. Avoid them. This is discernment in action.

You will come across contradictions everywhere. Obviously
contradictions will exist between starkly different paths, but also within
individual paths themselves. Contradictions do not indicate that the teachings
are useless, though. They indicate that the Truth is not found within the
teachings, but that the teachings are only pointers to the Truth.

Before you move further, remember this – if you haven’t returned
back to your own self, your own awareness, your own breath, then there is still
further to go.

Don’t get stuck in one tradition or path, feeling as if it’s the
end all and be all or the final word. The end all and be all is your own being.
The final word is silence.

It’s not found in Buddhism (which is quite a mess once you start
getting into it) or Wicca (which is intriguing for a while, mostly just because
its quirky).

the journey of looking around and exploring different avenues. There’s no rush
for any of this. Just make sure that developing discernment is your number one
priority throughout all of this. It will lead you towards what you want and it
will protect you from getting trapped.

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