A Ouija Board Changed My Life


“I want to start this off by saying that I have never believed in a Heaven or a Hell or any of the various other supernatural myths and legends. Ever since I was young, science has always been my bias, and even after everything that happened in the story that is about to follow, I think it still is. Even after everything, I’m still not sure I believe in it, but what I do know, is that it was real.  I saw it. I felt it. 

In my junior year of high school, around 2011 or 2012, I can’t remember exactly when during that year, but I know it was within that timeframe, my friends and I were into doing a lot of stupid things that teenagers tend to do. You name it, we more than likely did it. Just like every other teen, drinking and partying was our favorite past time – especially on weekends. However, one weekend of being a stupid teenager has changed my life forever. I’m not really sure where to start, so I’m just going to jump in by walking through the night.

Our group got together, about 5 of us, and we somehow all came up with the decision to go explore in our state’s most haunted cemetery. Why not, right?  Something fun to do in our small city, I guess. One of my friends had a Ouija Board, and she decided it’d be a fun thing to do while we partied. We loaded up my car with all of our alcohol, weed, and of course that damn Ouija Board, and we were looking forward to a good night. Fast forward to about 30 minutes later.  We’re on the clear opposite side of our city, and we’re out in the middle of literally nowhere. No lights. No houses. Just the stars and headlights lighting our way down this admittedly creepy, winding road.

A little back story about this cemetery first. Like I said before, it is said to be the most haunted in our state, and it’s been investigated by several paranormal investigators and teams, and all of them have come up with the conclusion that there is indeed something there. Eyewitness testimonies state nearly the same kind of phenomenon – a force pushing you off the wall that surrounds the cemetery if you decide to try to walk on it, a shadowy figure that lurks in the woods in the back, mysterious orbs shown up in photographs, etc. This graveyard is the resting place of hundreds of people – from old governors, children, to civil war soldiers who died in battle.  The oldest grave there is reported to go back to the 1700s.  It was reportedly gorgeous and well maintained back in its prime, but it has since fell apart, and nobody watches the grounds or does any sort of monitoring. For the curious who go visit it, they have to park their car on the “main” road – aka the only road that leads through the side of town it’s on – climb a chain that is meant to keep people out, and then walk down a 2-mile dirt road that leads to the front gates. Once at the gates, you have to climb the infamous 5-foot brick wall that surrounds the cemetery, as the front gates are chain locked. 

We pulled up to the dirt road, we got out, and we started our trek. Once at the front gates, I don’t know if anyone else felt it, but I could immediately feel that something was off, but something drew me in. We all helped each other over the wall, and once we were all in, the party began. We ran around, screaming and yelling for the ghosts to ‘come at us’, and we went hunting for the shadowy figure that was supposed to have been seen. We walked around the wall, and the only time anyone fell off was because they were too drunk to keep their balance. Needless to say, none of us saw anything, none of us heard anything, and no one had been pushed off the wall by invisible hands. We then decided to give the Ouija Board a go. With the Ouija Board in my hand, something drew me to a grave that was a little way towards the very center of the cemetery. We all sat around the grave, and of course, we placed the board on top of it.  We asked the typical questions, and as we expected, nothing happened. Eventually, we grew bored, sober, and out of things to do, so we all decided to head home. I dropped everyone off at home, and then when I got back to my house, I passed out. 

The next few days went by, and they were just normal school days, but then, something changed. One night, I went to sleep, and my life changed forever. I woke up from my sleep, or at least I thought I did, but I quickly learned that I hadn’t. I will always remember how vivid it was and how it felt to look at myself sleeping in my bed. Whatever this place was, was real. It wasn’t a dream, and it wasn’t real life. I was looking at real life. After a few moments of looking around my room and watching myself sound asleep, something began pulling me towards my window – which is right next to my bed. I remember thinking, I can’t go to the window, the bed is in the way. But then, it wasn’t. I didn’t go around my bed, and I wasn’t standing on top of my bed, I was through my bed. Before I could process what was going on, my hand began to reach for my curtain, and I tried to fight it – feeling fear beginning to engulf my body. It was no use trying to resist it, though. My hand drew back the curtain, and my eyes were glued out onto my street and to the streetlight that stands right outside my window. There stood a little boy – no more than 4 years old – just looking at me. He wore clothes from an older time, that was obvious, and before I could really come up with an explanation, something grabbed his hand and pulled him away. I woke up instantly and saw that it was time for me to get ready for school, however, I remembered everything that had just happened. Whatever I saw, it was and still is ingrained in me. I tried to not think about it, and I tried to just tell myself that it was just a dream. But that didn’t do any good.

For the next few nights, I had the same exact dream or whatever you want to call it, and after about a week or so, it changed.  Instead of having the urge to look out my window, I was looking at myself sound asleep in my bed, with my back towards my open room.  Yes, this fact is important later on.  Something told me to turn around, and so I did. There he was. The little boy was standing in my room. He reached his hand up to me, and he looked like he was scared. I reached for his hand, but when I came within centimeters from grabbing it, the little boy changed. He was not a little boy anymore. I have no fucking clue what he turned into, but whatever it was, it was dark, evil, and full of hatred. It wasn’t another being, it was just a dark cloud. I remember screaming, but as I screamed, there was no noise, no commotion. Nobody came rushing into my room to ask what was wrong, and then, seconds later, I woke up in my bed just like a child wakes up from a nightmare. I looked around and turned all my lights on. There was nothing there.

This horrible reoccurring nightmare happened for the next few nights, and eventually, I refused to sleep. I got sick – depressed, anxious, I stopped eating, and I quit taking care of myself. My grades slipped, and I started to become an angry person. It got to the point that I felt that I needed to go to church – me – someone who has never been to church had no other option left. I needed to figure out what the hell was wrong with me. I sat down and talked to a priest and explained everything to him. He asked me if I had ever dwelled in, studied, or investigated in anything demonic or paranormal in general. Then I remembered – the cemetery. My ‘oh shit’ moment was clearly picked up by him, and he asked what all we did, and so I told him. He explained how spirits can be brought into the world through things like that. Now, this priest isn’t a demonologist, and he doesn’t investigate in anything paranormal, so he was little to no help in trying to find a solution, he merely just reminded me of that one night. I called my friend when I left, and because there was still daylight outside, I talked her into going back to the graveyard with me, and on the way there, I explained everything to her. She’s always been religious, so she believed me. We got back out there, and once we were in the cemetery, I walked back to the grave that we had done the Ouija Board on, and there he was, his name was Samuel Diamond, born 1859, died 1863.  Four-years-old.  I rushed home, and I did research, and I began looking into legends, myths, solutions, and testimonies. One solution I came across was to burn the Ouija Board. The fucking Ouija Board that I had completely forgotten about was still sitting in the trunk of my car. Without a second thought, I started the fire pit in the backyard, and I threw it in – anxious to rid myself of whatever was going on. But then it got worse.

I guess ‘worse’ isn’t really the correct term to use, I guess you could say that it stayed ‘consistent’. Yes, the weird out-of-body dreams did in fact stop, but something else took its place. Feelings. Not your typical emotions, but more like sensing. Ever since I burned that Ouija Board, and even now, to this day, I can’t stop sensing. If you know the feeling of being able to tell that someone is looking at you, then you know what I’m talking about. Whatever time of day it is, wherever I am, and whatever I’m doing, if there is something or someone there, I can feel them. At night, I can’t fall asleep if my back is towards my open room, and if I happen to turn that way in my sleep, then I immediately wake up. If I’m lying in bed, trying to fall asleep or just relaxing, sometimes I feel like if I turned to look at what is driving a hole through me with its eyes, then I might be killed. Sometimes, if I’m wide awake or trying to sleep (because I know this can be construed at sleep paralysis) it feels like my neck will literally be broken if I turn to look. Sometimes, tears from fear start rolling down my face. 

I’ll admit, these extreme cases haven’t happened in a long time, but the mild ones still do. Upon further investigation, I read that burning a Ouija Board, while it can be useful once the user has said “Goodbye”, can release everything that was trapped inside of it through the initial use. I made a mistake when I was a stupid teenager, and I didn’t fix it in the right way. For that, my life is forever changed. I’ve come to learn that the world is more complex than we can imagine, and there are no limits when it comes to the physical plane. The deepness of our universe, and all of the different layers of all the different planes are beyond human imagination. Anything is literally possible. There are some things out there, and this goes against everything that I believe, that can’t and will never actually be proven by science. Sometimes, the only proof you can get is the proof that is personally given to you – even if that means that it’s presented with a beautifully wrapped box with nothing but darkness inside of it. 

Goodbye and Rest in Peace, Samuel Diamond


By: @muhlisuh