myhauntedsalem: The Myrtles Plantation in St….


The Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisvlle,Louisiana is said to be home to a very notorious haunted death chair. If it is your time the tale tells you will surely die when you sit upon it. The actual chair was bought by previous owners in a boutique antique shop in New Orleans. The actual chair is no longer on display but is said to still be on the property hidden away. This ornate antique upholstered chair has had many photos taken of it and many have photographed it with a ghost or death himself sitting in it. And stories about people sitting it it feeling faint and actually having near death experiences have been rumored for many years.

The original owners of the chair often told the tale of their experiences when the Myrtles first opened for business in the late 1980’s. They would tell of of how if you sit in it, you immediately begin to feel weak as your life force is drained from you. They at first called it the vampires chair. And that if you are not pulled from the chair at that point you feel as if you are about to faint you will certainly die. Many of the haunted plantation owners cats and dogs are said to have hopped up on this death chair only to expire in seconds after doing so. It is so rumored that one individual suffered a stroke while sitting it, and another visitor was found dead in it when they stayed for the night in one of the rented rooms.