Rambling about dreams and if they actually mean anything

Ok so last night I had a dream that everyone was preparing for a catastrophic natural disaster, the tide was receding and the map of the globe showed volcanic activity acting up, and landslides were falling down a mountainside. Anyway not a lot happened, I just suddenly flew up into the sky with my family and we went to Japan and ate katsudon. The thing is no actual disaster happened it was just stress over when it was going to happen and anticipation. Then all the sudden I’m in another country and worried about what dress I should wear instead of an impending tsunami flood. I was bored so I looked up what dreams mean, and natural disaster dreams especially volcanic ones are about illness coming your way. But the thing is nothing happened and the supposed volcano was the least threatening thing. It was the flood that was the big issue. I’ve had dreams about natural disasters many times, but now I’m worried because my spiritual ass thought it would be fun to look up what dreams mean and now I’m paranoid. In the past certain aspects of my dreams would occur in the real world, like I had a dream that my moms friends came over, then a week later I learned that they were indeed coming over for a bbq. Like it is minor stuff that isn’t actually part of the story line of my dream. Anyway I’m particularly worried because in my disaster dream my pulse went up to 123, because I was scared. Lmao I’m a mess! I know dreams don’t have much meaning it is just a surreal movie playing in your head but still what if there is a meaning?