Tv producer, female, 29

My colleague had a completely baffling ghostly experience. The incident happened at his five-room apartment at one July afternoon in 1985. He was in the bathroom taking a shower when his mother heard him scream. She rushed to the bathroom but the door wouldn’t open. Then she heard it too – a low rasping voice, totally unlike her son’s, laughing malevolently. “Mum, it’s coming from the drainage hole!” my colleague cried. He tried to spray the shower into the grating, but the peals of laughter merely got muffled. His Mother hurried to the phone and called the police. Unfortunately, her story was so unbelievable they thought it was a crank call. The policewoman who took the line scolded her instead.

By now, another voice had joined in, sharper and shriller than the first one. It sounded like a woman voice. Then one more started to mutter Bible verses in quick vexed tones, as if the speaker were praying for his life. Soon the toilet was resonating with strange voices, some coming from the pipes, some echoing through the water closet. My colleague got so frantic he yelled for the door to be knocked down. But it took about thirty minutes for his family to borrow a crowbar and force it open.

He staggered out in a weak daze. Angry for an explanation, his Father snatched a micro-recorder and taped down the sounds. But before he could track down their mystifying source, the voice just faded away. As unexpectedly and without apparent cause as they had arrived.

When his Father replayed the tape, it chilled them to the bone to hear anguished groans and whispers in foreign tongues which would otherwise have gone unnoticed. For the life of him, my colleague couldn’t figure out why they were there.

Admins: One of the theories regarding paranormal sounds explains that our brains send out intense electrical signals at peak performance. Those who receive these signals imagine they hear noises which cannot be traced. Another theory claims that sounds can be distorted, especially where there are unusual climatic and atmospheric conditions. Don’t be afraid of sounds, just switch on your favourite song with your ear piece on. You will feel better 🙂 But no matter what scientific explanation regards to it, they always sound like some excuse to avoid the question of ghost.

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