6 Things We Didn’t Learn In School But Should

1. Mental health – understanding our feelings. Unfortunately many of us learn mental health management techniques after we’ve suffered. To prevent future generations from going through the same struggles we should be teaching them how to manage stress from a young age as it will present itself throughout our lives.

2. Diet – what we feed ourselves. Understanding the way the things we feed ourselves affect the body & mind is essential for maintaining optimal health. This is not restricted to what we put in our mouths, but also what we feed our minds through the content we consume.

3. Relationships – how to create loving & fulfilling relationships. Much of the heartache we experience in our lives could have been avoided if we learned what it means to be in a loving and fulfilling relationship with ourselves and how this affects the relationships we have with others.

4. Success – creating fulfillment. The society we live in promotes detrimental ideas such as money equals success and this is why many of us are trying to find ways to fill the void within. We must begin teaching children to discover what success means to them individually instead of striving for superficial ideals such as the accumulation of material things.

5. Intuition – how to access our inner guidance system. Learning how to tune into our feelings can take decades of life experience and suffering, we could save ourselves going through this unnecessary suffering if we were taught how to listen to what the body is telling us through gut feelings and intuitive downloads.

6. Philosophy – knowing who we are & what we came here to do. Having a sense of purpose and belonging comes from contemplating the nature of our existence and understanding our place in the cosmos. Many of us develop dysfunctional behavioural habits because of our lack of direction, this could all be avoided if we were taught about our true nature rather than just accepting that we’re only here to pay bills and die.

Education without knowledge of self is incomplete education.

Peace & positive vibes.

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