🌙The Moon Phases in Witchcraft 🌙

New moon

– Fresh starts, new beginnings

– Money spells

– Blessing of a new project

– Manifestation for the month

– Cleansing

– Planting seeds

Waxing moon

– Expansion, prosperity

– Spells for growth

– Spells to improve existing relationships

– Health Spells

– Attraction magick

– Self love magic 💕

Full moon

– High impact, psychic energy, connection

– Love/Soulmate Spells

– Banishing negative energy, influences

– Divination

– Protection magick

– Energy restoration

– Thanking deities/universe

* Some would argue the full moon is a good time for any kind of spell

Waning Moon

– Release, relief, renewal

– Getting rid of bad habits

– Releasing negativity

– Cleansing the home, the mind

– Renewing strength

– Introspection, reflecting on lessons learned

– Not a good time to start new projects (better to complete them)

Side note: don’t let the moon determine all of your decisions or your craft, this is a loose guide to enhance certain spells with the phases of the moon