whitneysalgado:A study of a Barbary Lion, part…


A study of a Barbary Lion, part of my new project series titled
LOST. It’s a project illustrating different extinct species from all
over the world, most lost due to the hands of man.

As the largest of the lion subspecies, they once dominated parts of northern Africa. They are heavier and have longer torsos than African lions, with their famous dark manes extending over their shoulders and under their belly.

Thousands of Barbary lions were imported through the Roman Empire to fight gladiators to the death in the Coliseum for six centuries. They were also kept by sultana and kings Morocco, other north African nations and royalty, and even spent some time at the Tower of London. They survived for some time in captivity but have been declared extinct around 1922. Some argue they have survived through hybrids of lions from sub-Saharan Africa in captivity now.