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Large Apparition in the woods

A camera films what appears to be a large ghost walking around the forest.



Challenges of Infant Mortality in Ancient Egyp…

Challenges of Infant Mortality in Ancient Egypt: Amulets, Spells and the Divine—Part II: undefined

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Dating from the 12th century and decorated in foliate patterns, this small, bronze ball is actually a hand-warmer. Inside the metal sphere, which unscrews into two halves, is an iron cup that held hot charcoal. This clever design allowed the hands to be warmed without getting burnt.

Medieval hand-warmers, such as this one, were predominantly used by priests as they celebrated Mass. During long sermons, inside the chilly, unheated churches of the Middle Ages, the priest’s hands often became numb due to the cold. This led to the very real possibility that the Blessed Sacrament might be dropped during the service, something that was extremely frowned upon. To prevent this from happening some of the larger and more affluent churches invested in these decorative hand-warmers.

Probably originally from England, the artefact now forms part of the Hunt Museum’s collection in Limerick.


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The Most Kissed Lips

L’Inconnue de la Seine (or “the unknown woman of the Seine”) was an
unidentified young woman pulled from the Seine River at the Quai du
Louvre in Paris in the late 1880s whose death mask became a popular
fixture on the walls of artists’ homes after 1900. Her body showed no
signs of violence, so suicide was suspected.

A pathologist at the
Paris morgue was so taken by her beauty that he had a plaster death mask
cast from her face. In the following years, many copies were produced,
and the mask became a fixture in the Parisian Bohemian society. Her
smile was compared to that of the Mona Lisa. Her identity was never

The original cast had been photographed, and
eventually new casts were created from the film negatives which
displayed details usually lost in bodies taken from the water.

de la Seine became the erotic ideal in Germany, where an entire
generation of girls modeled their looks after her until Greta Garbo came

The Resusci Anne CPR training mannequin came into use in
1960 in numerous first aid classes with a face molded from the death
mask of L’Inconnue de la Seine, so they have come to be known as the
most kissed lips



“Reason cannot defeat emotion, an emotion can only be displaced or overcome by a stronger emotion.”

— Baruch Spinoza



“the world has become such a soft safe space where you can’t speak freely” is a good way to reveal you spend a majority of your time on the internet. a customer came in today and told me that the illuminati framed bill cosby and it was my fault and i just had to be like OK sir cash or credit

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All Equal in the Arms of Death (2016 / Pencils on paper) – Babs Webb

[Used by permission of the artist]

UFOs over Popocatepetl volcano


Check out this interesting video compilation of a bright UFOs in the sky above Popocatépetl volcano in Mexico. 

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paranormal indiana

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