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Demon Dog of Valle Crucis


The Demon Dog of Valle Crucis is one of the more popular cryptids of North Carolina. Many people who were born and raised here can tell you the story by heart, and I have to admit it is an interesting story. First I’ll go over the story, then why I find it so interesting.

It all started on a dark night in Valle Crucis, North Carolina. Two men were driving down highway 194, supposedly they were taking a break from college though other websites suggest they were coming home from college. As they came upon an old stone church near the highway, something truly horrifying happened.

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Angels Are Mathematical by Emily Balivet

ultrakillblast: EARTH’S HIDDEN MYSTERIES (197…



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yall take this quiz and say what your 3 cities were

Boston/ Worcester/ Springfield MA

Mobile, Montgomery, & Huntsville AL wtf 👻

forestmist: By Jorge Verdasca


By Jorge Verdasca

What Angers The Signs


*Check your Mars sign*

Aries: disrespect, mind games and manipulation, passiveness, lies, laziness, judgment, people who cannot speak up for themselves

Taurus: lack of control, unpredictability, being taunted, impatient people, abrupt changes

Gemini: boredom, routine, lack of attention from others, feeling caged in, not getting their way

Cancer: people prying into their emotions, assertiveness, lack of attention and affection, sudden changes

Leo: competition, getting no praise, being laughed at, made fun of, or ignored, messing up in front of others

Virgo: lack of mental stimulation, ill health, changes to their routine, bad grammar, laziness, being criticized or judged

Libra: rejection, settling for less, not being able to compromise, lack of peace and harmony, vulgarity, impulsive and assertive people

Scorpio: life in general, superficial people, lies, having nothing to challenge them or keep their focus, getting their ego bruised

Sagittarius: lack of freedom and personal space, no excitement, predictability, being controlled, intolerance

Capricorn: loss of control or focus, loud and unpredictable environments, irresponsibility from others, people who pity themselves, free loaders

Aquarius: intolerance, lack of understanding, having no freedom for self-expression, seeing others mistreated for their differences, sensitivity

Pisces: lack of sympathy and compassion from others, being scolded, being told to face reality, aggression, blunt and crude opinions, arrogance

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this is an insult

I once applied and interviewed at a bookstore cafe for a barista position. It was way closer to my home, and I had almost a decade of experience working in a coffee shop at that point. 

Got to the interview, and it turned out they didn’t want a barista, they wanted someone to spearhead their new cafe, as the cafe that had been in the store before didn’t want to resign their lease with the bookshop. They wanted to put their own cafe in its place, all new menus etc. They needed someone experienced to train their new staff, to handle window displays, to communicate with the bookstore owners about changes and needs of the cafe, to be able to handle inventory and ordering.

Okay, I had basically done most of that stuff at my previous job. I asked if cafe positions would also be required/trained to work the bookstore.

They would. They would be required to run the book sale counter, stock and reshelf books, and help bookshop customers find things. They would also–despite having an outside cleaning company–have to help maintain bathroom cleanliness. They’d have to take out trash, and clean spills, and vacuum. 

Wow, that’s a lot, I said. Is this a manager’s position, then?

No, I was told, it wasn’t, but there was a chance that after a training period it might become one. And that made me pause, because I’d been working as the front-of-house manager at my cafe, and I knew how much work that entailed, and what kind of money I was making, and it was only the commute that had me looking for a new job.

So I asked what the job paid.

$8. E I G H T  D O L L A R S. Per hour. Barely above minimum. For all of that work. For someone they expected to get an entirely new cafe up and running, and then also do the work of the bookstore and the cleaning company as well. 

I thanked the woman for the interview, said I’d have to talk to my significant other about the impact a four dollar pay cut would have on our finances, and that I wasn’t sure it was the job for me. She asked me to sleep on it, and she’d call me the next day. 

This is a job I was way more than qualified for. I had years of experience doing exactly the things they wanted. It was a convenient location, close to my home–I could walk there if I absolutely had to. I did not go home and talk about that four dollar pay cut and what it would do to our finances. I knew as soon as she told me that not only was it not feasible for us, it was downright insulting. That little money? For a frankly ridiculous list of responsibilities and expectations?

She called back the next day. I thanked her again, and told her in no uncertain terms that my time was worth way more than what they were offering.

And whenever people bitch about Millennials being lazy, not spending money, not buying houses…whatever the complaint of the month is…I think about the very nice lady who conducted this interview, and how confused she was that I didn’t want the job. 





my entire life changed when my dentist told me that the only time my teeth should be touching is when i’m chewing. every single time my teeth are touching i have to separate them. and i noticed that i clench my teeth a LOT.

when your mouth is closed and your teeth are touching or held tightly together, you are unnecessarily straining muscles out of stress. the healthiest way to hold your jaw is slightly apart, where it is relaxed. THIS HELPS WITH HEADACHES

I unclenched my jaw upon reading this.

starxgoddess: Mariusz Lewandowski | STYX


Mariusz Lewandowski | STYX

generationexorcist: Strange Encounters with…


Strange Encounters with Mysterious Living Blobs

There can be no doubt that sightings of mysterious creatures can quite often run off the rails, careening  from the strange to lodge themselves firmly into a domain of utter bizarreness and absurdity, defying easy categorization and provoking quite a bit of head scratching. Certainly residing in this fringe realm of surreal weirdness are the cases that have sporadically come in of what can only be described as living amorphous blobs, and here are some of the strangest.