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Date of sighting: 2015
Location of sighting: Mars
Eyewitness states: A NASA Curiosity rover image of the Martian surface reveals a curious anomaly that has sparked discussion in online UFO and Mars anomaly forums.
The image, captured on Mars by the Curiosity rover’s Mast Camera (Mastcam) near Mount Sharp, on April 10, 2015, shows what appears to be a levitating sphere, or more accurately, a UFO sphere, floating only a few inches above the Martian surface.
Evidence that the orb-shaped object was actually floating above the Martian surface comes according to Scot Waring, editor of UFO Sightings Daily, from the shadow it casts on the ground.

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meliae: Angel of Death (1896) Carlos Schwabe


Angel of Death (1896)

Carlos Schwabe

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Symbols are one of those things that will forever fascinate me.

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Photographed in 1989, the Covent Garden Ghost was captured on film by Mr. and Mrs Webb who had taken their two kids to the piazza for a day of adventure. Little did they know they’d capture one of the most famous ghost photos of all time. The mysterious legless woman in black has, to this day, never been identified.

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▪Wax vanitas.
Place of origin: Europe

Date: 1701-1800

• From the source: Vanitas are works of art intended to remind the viewer of the shortness of human life, the uselessness of vanity and the certainty of death. This example features many symbols typical for this type of object, such as a skull and insects that feast on decaying flesh. The other side of the model shows the face during life. The verse scratched on to the front is from the biblical book of Ecclesiastes and reads “vanity of vanities, all is vanity”.

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Remains IV




September 7th 2018

Psychic Ability Outlined

In the world of The Paranormal, Psychic Ability remains one of the most popular and studied phenomena of all. These abilities have been around since the dawn of mankind and they are so crucial to our existence and just as natural as our normal 5 senses. Below I will list the various aspects of Psychic Ability and how they fit in with our everyday lives.


CLAIRVOYANCE: is the gift of Psychic Sight. It is the ability to see things beyond the normal sense of physical sight. This can come in the form of visions and dreams to things being glimpsed in the minds eye.

CLAIRAUDIANCE: is the gift of Psychic Hearing. This gift manifests in a few different ways but mainly a person with this ability will hear things in their mind or even with their physical hearing. It seems to occur both physically and telepathically.

CLAIRSENTIENCE: is the gift of Psychic Feeling or Knowing. It is the ability to sense the energetic environment around a person, place or thing and is also known as Psychic Empathy. People with this gift tend to be an isolated bunch. They often feel extremely worn out or like they are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. This gift allows people to read others like an open book. It is impossible to be fake around these people.

CLAIRGUSTANCE: is Psychic Smell and Taste. This occurs when one comes across place memory that presents itself as the smell of ones perfume long past or the taste of great grandmas apple pie long after she has come and gone.


PSYCHOMETERY: or the ability to obtain information from touching an object or a person from the residual energy that is embedded on such things.

PRECOGNITION: is the ability to see, hear, feel or know things before they transpire in space and time. This is probably the most common and well known ability in the bunch.

RETROCOGNITION: is the ability to see, hear, feel or know things that have occured in the past without any prior knowledge of events that have occured.

TELEKENESIS: the ability to physically manipulate objects with the forces of the mind. It is the definition of mind over matter and can manifest in various ways ans degrees.

TELEPATHY: is the ability to exchange or discern information strictly through the power of the mind. This is the bridge in which all Psychic information travels.

AUTOMATIC WRITING: The gift to channel information on various energetic levels by putting pen to paper and letting what comes through be transcribed.

MEDIUMSHIP: is the ability to see, hear, feel and communicate with spiritual energies of various forms and kinds. Probably the most uncommon gift and the most dangerous.

CHANNELING: is the ability to be open to psychic information that resides within a person, place or thing. A very rare and troublesome gift that in most cases leads to several instances of negative encounters.

PYROKENESIS: the ability to create and manipulate fire through the power of the mind. Often thought to be the cause of the phenomenon know as Spontaneous Combustion.

PSYCHOKENESIS: the ability to project and manipulate the physical enviornment by the power of ones mind. Often thought of as the cause for Poltergeist Activity.



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Scientists Have Almost Completed the Resurrect…

Scientists Have Almost Completed the Resurrection of Extinct Aurochs and Plan to Reintroduce Them to the Wild: undefined

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