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In the 1980’s the Wyrick family moved into a house in Georgia. After living in the house for a few months the daughter, Heidi started to talk about her imaginary friend called Mr. Gordy. Initially Lisa Wyrick thought a strange man was targeting her daughter and called her husband Andy. After looking around the property no one could be found. Heidi began to talk to an unseen figure and requesting an extra plate of food for Mr. Gordy, and also began talking about a man named Con who was covered in blood. The Wyrick’s did research and found out that a man named James Gordy and a man named Con had both been tied to the property. Gordy died in 1974 and Con died in 1957. The family lived with the spirits for a few years, until Heidi saw a dark shadow that was different from Con or Mr. Gordy. The shadow figures terrorized Heidi and would drag her out of bed and scratch her. Andy did not believe that the spirit was the one scratching his daughter until he woke up with scratches. The family home was investigated by a paranormal investigator in 1994. The investigation revealed that the house was haunted and that Heidi was a psychic. The family’s story was featured on the shows A Haunting and Unsolved Mysteries. According to the family Heidi still sees spirits.


This 3200 Year Old Tree is So Massive, It’s Never Been Captured in a Single Image…Until Now

It takes a special kind of tree to have a nickname like “The President”. The giant sequoia stands 247 feet tall and is an estimated 3,200 years old. The trunk measures 27 feet across and, between the base and the highest peak, there are an estimated two billion needles.

Until now, the tree had never been photographed in its entirety. A team of photographers from National Geographic worked with scientists from California’s Sequoia National Park to try to be the first.

It took an intricate set of pulleys and levers to scale the tree, which one scientist argues is the largest in the world (if you take into account width). After stitching together 126 separate photos, we are left with this mind-blowing portrait of “The President” captured in a single photo for the first time.


Rare Ice Disks

Although extremely rare, ice disks, also known as ice circles, do indeed appear naturally from time to time when conditions are perfect. Above are a few examples of people who have been lucky enough to stumble onto one while holding a camera.

Ice discs form on the outer bends in a river where the accelerating water creates a force called ‘rotational shear’, which breaks off a chunk of ice and twists it around. As the disc rotates, it grinds against surrounding ice — smoothing into a circle. A relatively uncommon phenomenon, one of the earliest recordings is of a slowly revolving disc was spotted on the Mianus River and reported in a 1895 edition of Scientific American.

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do you think life is beautiful?

I think life isn’t beautiful. I think beauty is a way to escape life on some level, it’s an attempt to find something more valuable, more complex and more perfect than life.


Tree hut in Germany


“And it’s amazing how much noise people ignoring each other can make.”

— Eoin Colfer


Players Guild of Dearborn, Inc in Dearborn, Michigan:

The #PlayersGuild of #Dearborn was founded in 1927, with its current #theater in Dearborn, #Michigan being constructed in 1949. Over the years #guild members have claimed to experience a variety of strange #paranormal activity, such as hearing the sounds of disembodied voices and footsteps, or witnessing objects being moved by an unseen #entity. Guests at the old theater have also reported capturing strange human outlines in pictures and videos during performances which defy explanation.

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