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Art Bell interviews Dr. Karla Turner about alien abduction.

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In the summer of 1985 during the early evening hours, Harry Williams and his wife were driving in their vehicle not far from Vandalia, Ohio when they noticed an object floating above the right side of the road 200 meters ahead of them. As he got closer, he could see a large, metallic, globe -shaped object hovering about 20 feet high. It was about 15 feet in diameter and completely silent. They noticed a large plastic looking window and through the window they could see two figures sitting in small seats. Harry brought the car almost to a stop and described beings with big black eyes and large grey heads. He said, “I could feel like they were almost looking right through me.” Harry’s wife was very frightened and insisted that they leave, but the craft followed them home. He was able to get his parents to view the UFO higher up in the sky until it darted straight upward and disappeared.

From ‘Inside UFOs: True Accounts of Contact,’ by Preston Dennett. pp. 89-91

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If you haven’t already, please check out this excellent show on The Aboriginal Peoples Television Network. Cree host Ernest Webb speaks with people who have had first hand encounters with Aliens, UFO’s, Lake Monsters, Sasquatch and Little People. You can watch the full episodes online @

Two Abductees Discuss Their ET Experiences.

Two Abductees Discuss Their ET Experiences.: undefined

Betty Hill’s Star Map.

Betty Hill’s Star Map.: undefined

Budd Hopkins Describes The Abduction Experie…

Budd Hopkins Describes The Abduction Experience.

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More on the UFO sightings that took place in Gulf Breeze Florida 30 years ago 

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The second book in Jacques Vallee’s trilogy series, “Confrontations” explores further mysteries concerning the UFO phenomenon. Jacques takes us through a number of ufo close encounter cases that he personally investigated, many of which include negative and often deadly physiological effects involving numerous people, telling us this elusive phenomenon is not always necessarily benevolent. It appears whatever intelligence is behind some of these encounters has little regard for human suffering and death as a result of their contact, yet Jacques also shares a case of ‘miraculous’ healing because of contact, so we are at odds as to the intentions of the beings. I admire the way he meticulously documents and presents the data-a trait not often seen in this area of study. His speculations are, as always, highly insightful, leaving us to ponder such things as the connection between conciousness and the contact experience. Another fantastic book written by one of the greatest minds to study the UFO phenomenon.

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Police Officer Herbert Schirmer claimed to be abducted by aliens in 1967 near Ashland, Nebraska . He provided a lot of detail about his experience both under hypsnosis and by conscious memory. One thing he said under hypnosis is that the aliens (as sketched above) said they told him that they’ve been observing us for a long time and that if they slowly put out reports and have their contacts state the truth it will help them. They want everyone to believe in them a little bit so we will be open to their invasion. Invasion meaning a showing of themselves completely because they are here. *Schirmer described them like this image with the winged reptilian crest and the snake or cat like slit eye.