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BEHIND YOU! Mystery UFO Outside ISS Window 3/18/17

Published on 18 Mar 2017

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Intro Music: Spellbound by Kevin Macleod
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Unknown Anomaly Observed in Ropczyce, Poland

Unknown Anomaly Observed in Ropczyce, Poland:

I recently received an email from Polish UFO researcher Arek Miazga, who referenced an anomaly that he witnessed and wrote about. The text is a translated version:

On April 14, 2018 in Ropczyce something that brings to mind a flying humanoid. That day, at 19:24, just after sunset, when entering the kitchen, I looked at the window that I had towards the SW. My attention was immediately caught by the distinctive dark moving point above the telecommunication mast. At first I thought it was a hang glider, because on Saturdays, often in the afternoon, two enthusiasts of this sport, when I looked better, I decided that it was something completely different. I quickly ran to the room for a reflex camera, set the appropriate parameters and made in the closest 4 photos, and then with a pair of binoculars I decided to take a closer look. Interestingly, in the binoculars, I saw more clearly this “something” – it writes something because it had a shape like a figure, with the legs as if it were torso, and on the top like something like a protrusion. It was interesting that this strange object was made of light – dark fog, it was not a strictly physical object but like a ‘cloud’ of such shape that the ‘cloud’ was clearly moving in a straight line flight to the south, then turned right, changing direction, and after literally 20 seconds it disappeared as it was blown away. I knew that I was just witnessing something unusual.

With 7×35 binoculars, I was able to 100% exclude a drone, a motor glider or a cloud of this shape. The distance to the mast from my window is 1.5 km in a straight line, and the “latad” was at this distance and moved south towards where in 2011 two huge UFOs hanging above the road were observed. Thanks to the photos that I managed.

They Dwell In The Lightning…

They Dwell In The Lightning…: undefined

They NEVER Stopped Appearing..

They NEVER Stopped Appearing..: undefined

The Mysterious Photo That Science Can’t Explai…

The Mysterious Photo That Science Can’t Explain:

The mysterious photo that science can’t explain. In this video we take a look at this mysterious photo that remains unexplained. 

 They may not even be aware of the existence of the living, and they have often been compared to a recording that just continues to repeat over and over again. 

Others have come forward and suggested that the person in the photo is the result of an exposure, but the general belief is that the photo is genuine. However some think that this story goes deeper than this photo.

Thank you for watching!

What Are They Hiding On Venus   Past Venus …

What Are They Hiding On Venus  

Past Venus vids:…… 

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Mystery Object on the slope of a hill in Antar…

Mystery Object on the slope of a hill in Antarctica: undefined

Cattle Mutilation in Santa Fe, Argentina – The…

Cattle Mutilation in Santa Fe, Argentina – The Black Vault Case Files: undefined

A Pair of Paranormal Anomalies Caught In Laser…

A Pair of Paranormal Anomalies Caught In Laser Grid:


Uploaded on 12 Sep 2010

Part 2 of private residence investigation in Louisville, KY. The following evening 9-11-10, what appeared to be two anomalies were captured, one following the other. A little difficult to see in the first clip, we changed the grid pattern and are more easily seen in the second clip. Anomaly was captured previously night moving in the opposite direction.