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Possible Bigfoot Sighting Revealed As Scientists Hunt For ‘Apelike Creature’ In Oregon Forests

Explorers and scientists are on the trail of legendary ‘creature’ Bigfoot in the forests of Oregon.

They say they may have captured video footage of the beast in an area where ‘thousands’ of Bigfoot sightings have been reported.

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DAVID PAULIDES TALKS BIGFOOT AND MISSING 411 – Lexington, Kentucky. Former veteran police detective turned author and mystery investigator David Paulides talks Bigfoot case evidence at the 2019 Cryptid Con held in Lexington, Kentucky. A researcher with the North American Bigfoot Search, Paulides is quite knowledgeable in all things Sasquatch. His real expertise, however, is demonstrated through his “Missing 411” investigations into cases and patterns in which people have disappeared under mysterious circumstances in our National and State Parks systems. Mr. Paulides’s Missing 411 books and documentaries are quite popular among researchers of the Unknown, as evidenced by the packed house at this event. Intriguing stuff. Photo by Michael Huntington – September, 2019. @Huntington_Strange_Travels #MichaelHuntington #StrangeTravels #HuntingtonFamily #HuntingtonAdventures #DavidPaulides #Missing411 #NorthAmericanBigfootSearch #CryptidCon #CryptidCon2019 #CryptidConference #SquatchParty #Cryptids #Bigfoot #Sasquatch #ClarionHotelLexington #LexingtonKentucky (at Clarion Hotel Conference Center – North)


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‘Are you calling about the Sasquatch?’ – The Boston Globe:


Bigfoot rumors in Bradford, VT are probably aimed at tourism in this case. But you never know.