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11 Ghost & Mysterious MOVING OBJECTS Caught On Camera! Poltergeist Activity: undefined

11 Paranormal CCTV Camera Evidence That Puzzled Experts!

11 Paranormal CCTV Camera Evidence That Puzzled Experts! LookNowTV Presents mysterious moments that some people believe are cases of ghosts and unexplained events that were caught on camera. Let’s take a closer look!

I think #4, #3, #2 are the real deal

Man terrified after spotting mysterious happenings on church CCTV in dead of night: undefined

Do this spooky CCTV footage show a ‘ghost’ pulling open police station doors?: undefined

Scientists baffled by mysterious dancing ball of light caught on CCTV camera in synagogue – Altered Dimensions Paranormal: undefined


NC staff and students at a local high school in Asheville, NC in 2008 – had CCTV footage of a ghostly apparition throughout the school. (Via: OP / YouTube)

3 Chilling Paranormal Occurrences Caught on Camera

When it comes to the unexplained, many of us have stories to tell. However, capturing such strange events on camera is a rarity. What follows are three videos submitted by subscribers, which claim to show mysterious – possibly paranormal – occurrences. Watch the footage and decide for yourself.

The featured videos were all submitted directly to us by subscribers. 

 ⤕ “Ghost Caught on CCTV in Indonesia” was submitted by Dimitri. 

⤕  “Halloween CCTV Anomaly” was submitted anonymously. 

⤕ “File “2013-02-17”” was submitted anonymously.


(via Bizarre UFO Footage Caught On New Ring Doorbell CCTV 👽🌟✨🎥🎦👽)

There’s a new kind of doorbell that allows you to record UFOs or anything that happens to or who comes or passed your door? Is this a new kind of UFO evidence tool? It could be, because it’s recording anything that passes by which is awesome. UFOs passing no matter what or where are being recorded and the video quality is exceptionally good. This video of a white UFO was recorded in the West Midlands in the UK at 2:23am and is really, really fast like it’s got somewhere to be yesterday. 👽🎦✨🌟👽

Brit family install CCTV after strange goings-on – what it records leaves them terrified: undefined

PROOF OF AN AFTERLIFE? ‘Ghost of young boy’ filmed under stairway in creepy footage: undefined