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(n.) Boże
– Christmas Day

(n.) Siano

(pl. ♀) Lampki choinkowe – fairy lights

(pl. ♀) Sanie – sleigh

(pl. ♂)
– relatives

(pl. ♂) Pierogi z kapustą (kiszoną) i grzybami – dumplings filled
with sauerkraut and mushrooms

(pl. ♂) Trzej Mędrcy – the 3 Wise Men

♀ Bombka – christmas bauble

♀ Choinka – christmas tree

♀ Jemioła – mistletoe

♀ Kartka świąteczna – christmas card

♀ Kolęda – christmas carol

♀ Pierwsza Gwiazdka – the first star

♀ Świeczka – candle

Wigilia – christmas eve

Zima – winter

Anioł – angel

Bałwan – snowman

Barszcz – beetroot soup

Biegun Północny – North Pole

Dziadek do orzechów – nutcracker

Dzwoneczek – bell

Elf – elf

Karp – carp

Komin – chimney

Kominek – fireplace

Łańcuch – chain

Opłatek – wafer

Pasterz – Shepherd

Piernik – gingerbread

Post – lent

Prezent – gift

Renifer – reindeer

Sernik – cheesecake

Stroik świąteczny – wreath

Śnieg – snow

Święty Mikołaj – Santa Claus

Żłób – manger

Niespodziewany Gość – unexpected guest

Rudolf Czerwononosy – Rudolph The Red
Nosed Reindeer

(n.) – neutral

(pl.) – plural

Here’s the list of polish words connected with Christmas – food, traditions etc. Hope you found it helpful!

– Merry Christmas!

The Wounds That Don’t Bleed by Paige Hawk

“Attending a conservative college isn’t easy for two hippies in the 1960s, but at least they have each other. While June comes to terms with her identity as a nonconformist, her boyfriend, Pat, is raped.  As Pat struggles to cope with what happened, June is distressed by his increasingly toxic habits and post traumatic episodes. Together they must learn how to address his pain, or risk losing each other forever.”


 alienhawk: “five out of five would read again. I loved the imagery. There were so many scenes that I saw and thought ‘man I wish I was there doing that’ Also I liked how she represented men being raped. Its not  a topic many people talk about. It was refreshing to see it out in the open and being handled professionally. 

cosmicarkhamprincess: I loved this book. It felt different, in a good way, than other books in this genre. Would definitely read it again and recommend to a friend,

Sher-Lynn: The characters Pat and June were so relatable. I could see bits and pieces of myself in both of them. Since they were highly likeable it made it hard to read about the pain and suffering they both had to go through. It was really well done though. Very realistic and really showed what PTSD can look like as well as the lengths some will go to to get rid of symptoms.  More importantly, it humanized the being suffering from it. You don’t see him as a symptom you see him as a human being. 

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