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Tales of Terror from Tokyo: Sleepyhead

encountering the real men in black 


encountering the real men in black 

theparanormalblog: Bar Security Camera Capture…


Bar Security Camera Captures Video of Poltergeist Activity.

A security camera recently captured video of an invisible force moving and knocking over various items inside a Moscow bar. The bizarre footage shows chairs being spun around, curtains being moved, and a Hookah pipe being knocked off of a table.

When speaking with local media, a waiter who was only identified as Vyacheslav said, “I sometimes hear a knocking on the door when nobody is around.

There are strange noises all the time and sometimes the lights go on and off for no reason.

Worried by the strange goings on, the bar’s owners contacted a group of Russian ghostbusters known as “Laboratoriya Nepozannogo”, also known as the “Lab of Unknown”. 

The group of paranormal experts gathered powerful magnetic readings during a series of tests, which they said indicated that a strong spectral presence was lurking nearby. The team of experts concluded that the poltergeist may be attracted to Vyacheslav, whose “low spirit” would be visible to a ghost.

Local police have offered up a more conventional explanation for the strange security footage. One officer said, “It seems more likely there was a break in and that for some technical reason the perpetrators were not recorded.

As with most videos showing poltergeist activity, there’s always the possibility that the video was faked using fishing lines or elaborately designed mechanisms. The only thing that supports the video’s credibility is the evidence gathered by the team of ghost hunters. However, some might say that their finds aren’t enough to prove the footage is authentic.

I’m very much interested in hear your thoughts on this incident. Was a supernatural being is responsible for the events depicted in this video? Or do you believe there is a more conventional explanation?


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“So, little bit of background. I live in a town in pretty much the middle of nowhere in Montana, the population is about 2000, to the north of us between the interstate and my town there is a 30 minute deadzone, to the south I don’t even know how far the deadzone goes because that’s on the reservation. I moved here in July of 2014 right after my freshman year in high school. Before that I lived in a town in Washington about an hour North of Seattle where the high school itself had a population around 2000. It was a culture shock.

I live in what used to be the old rectory (a priest’s home) right behind a church. I’m also working at the power plant in town. I’m convinced that either I’m haunted or this whole town is. It’s probably both. When I lived in Washington I lived in a neighborhood that was still being built when my family moved in back in 2007. The house I’m living in now was built in the early 1900s, I don’t know the exact year. I’ve lost many loved ones and I’m pretty sure at least one is still around and watching me. All my life I’ve had weird things happening around me.

In Washington it wasn’t as often, there would be weird things like a noise upstairs when no one was home but me and the dogs. At first I would think nothing of it, these noises would happen off and on until I moved. Then I moved here, I’ve had weirder things happening. When I first moved in it was ‘old house noises’ a few months after I turned 16 I would see someone outside my window which isn’t exactly likely. My window is 6 or 7 feet off the ground and the person’s head was in the middle of my window. I was creeped out, so I now keep my blinds down so that they can’t see in and I can’t see out. Most recently I had shut the door to my room, locked it, and climbed into bed, five minutes later I look up and my door was wide open. Yes, I’m weird I don’t sleep well unless my bedroom door is locked.

Since I graduated high school almost a year ago I’ve been working at the plant. I’m a janitor so I work mainly alone at night and some pretty weird things have happened. For example my first week of work I was cleaning the training center I was in the back women’s bathroom. I had just finished cleaning the shower, the towels were still on the bench by the lockers. I was replacing the paper towels when out of the corner of my eye I saw a black figure sit down on the bench, knocking the towels onto the floor. I turned to tell them off and no one was there. I called out to see if anyone was in the building with me. No one answered. There have been more things happen like that, but that was the first time. I’ve heard my name be called. I’ve had my arm be yanked. I’ve been pushed. It’s getting to the point where I want to quit because I’m kind of scared for my safety. But I get paid well and I’m not ready to stop working here because I love my boss and my job.”

By: @yourgirllivvy98 


“When I was young, maybe like, 7, my dad and I went camping a lot, accompanied by his friend, his friend’s wife and his daughter. And each time we went camping, it was in the same place, a completely normal mountain with no particular gory history or weird feeling.

That being said, one night I woke up for no reason in particular. It wasn’t a scary reason, I just simply, got up and walked out of the tent and got face to face with a figure about 30 feet away. The figure must have been like 6 feet tall, looked like it was wearing a cowboy hat, and I distinctly remember it taking one step back. And I just stared, and it stared back. 

Eventually, whatever it was, backed off and turned it’s back on me, slowly backing off of the campsite and into the trees. And I went back into the tent. Speaking truthfully, when I think of it today, I think it’s funny. Ghost or not, I saw something wearing a cowboy hat in basically the middle of nowhere. It’s also a little creepy though I guess, because human or not, it wasn’t supposed to be there.”

By: Anonymous


“I’ve only been to one haunted house, and I don’t intend to go back.

While real haunted houses exist, haunted houses with actors are more common and very popular around here. I went to one with my cousin and mom last year, october 15th. It was a house where you followed a story and had to find your way out.

My cousin and I got separated from my Mom, and wandered into a dungeon-themed room. Now, at a haunted house, the rules are ‘If you don’t touch the actors, they won’t touch you.’ So when I felt a breath on my neck, I thought it was my cousin, but she was on the other side of the room. My entire family is black, but my cousin looked at me and I swear on my life her face went deathly white.

I felt like I was in danger but I couldn’t move because someone was restraining me, someone laughing and swaying me back and forth. My vision clouded up and I think I started crying. My cousin was screaming and clawing at whoever, whatever, was holding me back. She pulled me away, and we turned to see a tall, skinny, white thing with no eyes or nose but a smile that radiated evil and makes me start to cry just thinking about that thing’s appearance. She grabbed my hand and we ran out of the house, through one of the emergency exists.

She bought me a water and we waited outside for my mom. When we saw her, the three of us confronted the staff, but they said that they didn’t have an actor that fit the description about the creature.

To this day, I have reoccurring nightmares of standing at the end of a hallway, unable to move, as the thing stands on the other end, smiling.”

By: @sher-the-eggling

Possession Attempt?

“Let me preference this by saying I have frequent sleep paralysis so I’m pretty used to the effects. Also, I’m in my 30’s and generally a rational adult.

We were staying in a resort hotel, the kind with an indoor waterpark and fun kids’ stuff. It was our first night and the sleeping arrangements were, my husband with our middle son, myself with our daughter and our youngest son in a crib at the foot of my bed.

I woke up facing the alarm clock which read 2:00am. I rolled over and saw what looked like the head and upper torso of an old woman floating over near the ceiling, over my youngest’s crib. Her body faded away just below her chest.  She was just staring at my little boy.

I sat up and she turned toward me with the ugliest, angriest expression I’ve ever seen. Her mouth opened wide and I felt, rather than heard, a scream. Then she launched toward me and I slammed back. I couldn’t move, I had full body pins-and-needles, and it felt like I was being forced out of my body. 

I fought back with all the stuff you use to wake out of sleep paralysis (trying to move a finger, or a foot, focusing on ‘this isn’t real, wake up’) I threw in some prayer for good measure. After what felt like ten minutes, I regained control and could move again. The old lady wasn’t there, as far as I could tell. There was no way in hell I was going back to sleep, so I grabbed my phone and glanced at the alarm clock. It read 6:00am.  What ever happened felt like a few minutes but lasted four hours.

I have never experienced anything like that before or since.  It still freaks me out.”

By: @theartofinvisibleplaces



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