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Communion: A True Story

If you have ever looked into aliens, you’ve probably seen this image. It is the cover of the book, Communion: A True Story, painted by Ted Seth Jacobs and depicts an “grey” alien even though the author never expressly states that his abduction was carried out by aliens. Communion is a book that is widely considered to by a bible of sorts for alien/UFO enthusiasts. It tells the story of the author, 

Whitley Strieber, who actually wrote several other horror novels though Communion is nonfiction, being abducted from his upstate New York cabin the evening of Boxing Day in 1985. 

Throughout the book, Strieber refers to them as “The Visitors” so as to leave room for the possibility that they only exist in his mind and were not, in fact, extraterrestrials. The book received national notoriety, reaching the number one spot on the New York Times Best Seller list. Following that, Strieber wrote several more follow up books to his experience. 

The final book is Solving the Communion Enigma: What Is to Come, which was published in 2011, and explores the possibility of parallel universes and looks at a variety of phenomena that could be related to what we term as “extraterrestrials,” including crop circles and mutilations. He concludes that “the Visitors” are intent on moving the human race toward higher levels of understanding and consciousness within the endless multiverse.

While the book was written over 30 years ago, it still remains vital reading material for those interested in this field and is lauded as “the truth.”

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Likely to be one of the most famous paranormal photographs, the “Ghost of Freddy Jackson” has been a source of debate throughout the years. Taken in 1919 at the HMS Daedalus training facility, the image depicts the proud RAF soldiers from the Goddard Squadron.

A few days before the picture was taken, Freddy Jackson, an airplane mechanic, had died in a tragic airplane propeller accident. His fellow soldiers believe that he wanted to appear in the group photograph, even after his death. To date, experts cannot explain how his ghostly face appeared in this image.

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Doctors And Nurses Share The Creepiest Last Words They’ve Ever Heard:

[In] his last day, hours, moments, he was angry. The
family called me into the room and told me they thought he was going. He wasn’t
responding: Cheyne-Stokes breaths, eyes glossy, and skin cold – the end was
imminent. His lovely mother, in her dearest attempt, whispered to him to go
towards the light, to her Jesus. He opened his eyes,
looked at her and said, “F*** your Jesus!!!”

A second or two later, he slowly turned his head to the
left and got the most horrific look on his face, as if he was looking at
something we couldn’t see. Eyes wide, his face contorted, and with
his last breath he screamed, “Oh s***, oh s***, OH NOOOOOOO!!!!”

He then made a guttural noise and promptly fell back into
the bed and died. Every family member was shaking and too frightened to speak. I
left the room and took the next two days off. I don’t care if I never find out
what he saw.

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To his day, after more than 30 years, this woman now in her 40’s still claims “that the doll WAS alive and wanted to kill her.”

Shortly after this occurrence, the family got rid of it for good and brought it to the Key West Florida Martello Museum. Now, Robert is displayed in a glass case for all visitors to see his scary face.

Robert is still at the museum, in his little sailor suit, holding a little stuffed lion that he, appears to be attached too. Employees always remember to introduce new recruits of the museum to Robert. Some visitors laugh at the stupidity of being afraid of a stupid doll, but many change there mind….when they see Robert’s angry look starring back at them.

Others try to take pictures of Robert in his case, and there cameras will not turn on. They replace the batteries thinking that was the solution, but the new batteries are not working either! When they leave the museum, there cameras turn on and the batteries fully charged.

One male visitor, who didn’t believe the curse was true, videotaped his entire day at the museum. When they got to the area were Robert was, the sound on the camera turned off and couldn’t be turned back on! He turned around to talk to a employee close by, and the sound on the camera was turned up all the way. Blaring in his ears.

Ann’s ghost has been sighted in Eugene Otto’s old house. Guarding the house in case of the return of Roberts evil spirit. A man who dose the tours of the house claims he has seen her. He says she frequently descends the staircase to the attic. Were Roberts evil form was stored for so long.

Other employees say that when they lock up for the night, they leave peppermint candy’s in his case as if to bribe him to be good and not disturb anything during the night. They swear when the return in the morning the wrappers are left behind at Roberts feet.

The guest room where Eugene died is haunted too. A large bluish-green orb is seen floating throughout the room. The tour guide believes its Ann.

A psychic who visited the museum tells the employee’s and manager that the energy of the spirit inhabiting Robert is slowly dying. Maybe she’s right. Because Robert appearance is indeed becoming worn and old. As I said before, one of his ears is broken off, his face has chips and tiny holes from being moth bitten, the paint that was added to his lips and eyebrows has faded drastically, his hair is actually turning white!

5 Extremely Creepy Mysteries

5 Extremely Creepy Mysteries: undefined

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I’m so excited to finally be sharing these with you! This is my final for when I was at @makeupdesignory My time and experience there was so unbelievably incredible and I’m so thankful to have been able to complete the Multi Media Program and receive my makeup artist certification. I never thought that I would love Special Effects more than beauty makeup, but my eyes have been opened! I’m so excited for my future now that I have a more clear idea of what I want. ♥️
Some brands I used to create this look are:
#specialeffectsmakeup #professionalmakeupartist #halloween #halloweenmakeup #demonmakeup #prosthetics #makeupdesignory #blood #bloodymakeup @ruthlesscosmo #ruthlesscosmohalloween (at Make-up Designory)

Some super cool art that one of my friends did. So proud of how far she’s come.

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Confounding Footage Shows Weird ‘Mystery Creature’ – Coast to Coast AM: undefined

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Disturbing Black Eyed Girl Experience

I am an atheist and I have always been skeptical of the paranormal. Aside from being the most disturbing thing I have experienced, this encounter has turned my model of reality upside down.

I was on the bus with my friend Veronica at around midnight. One of us mentioned that I was headed to waterfront. She made a joke about how we shouldn’t talk about where I was going on the bus because I would get stalked. I laughed and joked about that a little too, but I felt slightly uneasy. This is where I believe the experience began. I remember there was barely anyone on the bus, I saw 4 men chatting in front of us (not that it’s important but for accuracy’s sake 2 men were talking to each other and a short distance away another 2 men were chatting). At the time that I am writing this, a few hours after it happened, I don’t remember seeing anyone else in the bus.

I got off the bus and Veronica walked me to the sky train station. I remember paying for my ticket and calling her as soon as I paid to jokingly complain about the fact that they had raised transit fare by 5 cents. We chatted for a bit. I went down the stairs to the platform for the sky train to waterfront and a girl was sitting about 15 feet away from me. I immediately recognized her from the bus, though thinking back I can’t recall actually seeing her on the bus. I don’t know how she got from the bus stop to the sky train station without me seeing her on the way, but I didn’t think to question that at this point in the story.

From what I can remember, she looked about 9-15 (keep in mind it was past midnight and she was alone), she was small and slim, and her hair was cut into a perfect, grey bob. It looked more like a shiny, hard grey helmet than hair. If it wasnt a helmet it must have been a wig. I don’t remember anything about her facial features or clothing despite the fact that I only saw her a couple hours ago and (at one point in the story) stared at her intently for 15 minutes. I do remember she had an alternative sense of style, and I think she was wearing either a leather or denim jacket. I stayed 15 feet away from the bench she was sitting on. Something about her was disconcerting and made me mildly uncomfortable.

When the sky train came, instead of walking through the doors of the sky train compartment straight in front of her, she walked the 15 feet to get into the same compartment as me. I remember feeling a little weird about it. I didn’t look at her while I was on the sky train at all.

This is where it gets fucking weird. After the sky train pulled into waterfront station, I got off it to get onto the sea bus. When the sky train arrived, the sea bus was leaving in 20 seconds, so I ran to catch it. Only one other person was running to catch it with me. When I sat down, the fucking girl with grey hair was sitting a few rows across from me, staring straight at me. I immediately recognized her. I don’t know how the fuck she got to the sea bus from the sky train station within 20 seconds before me, without me seeing her. As soon as I saw her I went from relieved that I made it onto the sea bus to being on the verge of tears.

This is the part that makes me cry when think about it. Her eyes were completely black. Her facial expression was inhumanly blank like a robot and she was staring straight at me. I’m not exaggerating when I say it wasn’t human. It was so fucking wrong and unnatural. I have never seen or experienced anything like that in my life. All of a sudden it’s face stretched into the most horrifying evil smile. It was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever seen. I cry every time I think about it. I was holding back tears at this point. How the fuck did it get from the sky train to the sea bus without me seeing it?

The sea bus takes 15 minutes to get to the other side of the water, so I watched it for 15 minutes. I could not have hallucinated it being there for 15 minutes straight. It was physically impossible for it to get from the same sky train as me to the sea bus without me noticing it at all. I may have hallucinated the eyes and the smile (but I don’t think its possible that I hallucinated them for 15 minutes straight), but I could not have imagined her sitting there on the sea bus for 15 minutes.

When the sea bus pulled in I waited to get off it last and didn’t see her on my walk home, though I was beyond terrified for the entire walk.

The more I try to remember its physical appearance the more hazy it gets. All I really remember is the helmet-like grey hair, pale skin, black eyes, and the blank stare morphing into the most disturbing smile I’ve ever seen. I remember it was dressed in alternative clothes similar to mine and what’s creepier is that my hair is grey too, almost like it was mimicking my appearance. It totally lacked the thing that makes humans human, it even lacked the thing that makes animals seem alive. It was unnatural. I don’t know how to explain it any better than that.

This is really scary to me because if this was real, what else is real? And why was it following me? What did it want?

Edit: this experience has greatly worsened my insomnia, I’m terrified that it will kill me in my sleep. If anyone reading this has experienced anything paranormal, an encouraging comment would be greatly appreciated as this incendent has also worsened my anxiety

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A series of negatives found on the camera of Dyatlov Pass victim, Semyon (Alexander) Alekseevich Zolotaryov. The film was scrawled with Zolotaryov’s name and appears to show images of a bright white light travelling across the sky. The last photo is the most unusual, as it shows some sort of animal inside the light.