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A recently widowed man took this photograph of his daughter playing with her new Christmas presents only to discover that the developed picture clearly shows a spectral figure crawling across the floor. His daughter seems to have noticed the ghost, as she is looking towards it, smiling. He firmly believes that this is the ghost of his dead wife trying to play with their daughter on her first Christmas without her mother.


In 1978, a pilot by the name of Frederick Valentich vanished after a UFO encounter. He radioed Melbourne Air Traffic Control, complaining that an unknown aircraft had been following him for quite some time. His last message was: “It’s hovering… It is not an aircraft.” Valentich was never seen or heard from again and his plane was never recovered.


Masdar City

In 2008 construct began on Masrdar City (Abu Dhabi). It was supposed to be the world’s most sustainable city. It was supposed to have 0 carbon emissions, 0 waste, and 0 cars. By 2016, construction was stopped and plans were pushed out to a 2030 completion date.

As of now, the city sits (mostly) abandoned in the middle of a desert. There are less than 300 people living in this big city and the pictures above capture the silent loneliness of this city.


Etienne Malapert


One of the creepiest phenomenon’s on the planet is that of
Doppelgangers. A Doppelganger is an exact double of a person. Some call it an
evil twin. It is also known in Irish folklore as a Fetch. It is generally
thought that  seeing a Doppelganger is an
omen of bad luck.

For example, in 1617 John Donne, a famous poet, saw the
Doppelganger of his wife while she was away having a baby Only later he found out
she had given birth to a still born child.

Other famous examples include Catherine the Great. One
evening while she was lying in her bed, a number of servants came in and
frantically told her they had just seen her walking into the throne room. Not
long after she suffered a stroke, which eventually killed her a couple days later. 

Elizabeth I had a similar experience. She went into her
chambers one night only to find herself already lying in bed. This double
appeared deathly ill. Only a few days later Elizabeth herself died.

Finally, Abraham Lincoln described an experience in which he
went to look at himself in the mirror, only to find a Doppelganger looking back
at him. Purportedly the image looking back at him did not match up to his own
reflection. It looked pale and sickly. When he told his wife about it, she
claimed it meant he was going to be elected for a second term in office, but would
not live to see the end of it. She was right.



What is your creepiest ghost story…

Whether your reblog and share or comment on this post , let’s creep each other out and share our own personal ghost stories.

My ghost story involves a local  bridge ( Gudgeonville beige in Girard, Pa.) It was very early spring, and I was just finishing writing the first episode of the White-Noise podcast, so I was thinking alot about ghosts and there mental state ( @whitenoisepodcast , @badmittenstudios .) Then one of my good friends was looking to go ghost hunting at the bridge. So I said I would go and we invited some more  friends ( @9-ofpentacles …she brought an EMF reader ) to go hunting with us. On the drive down we talked about the legends of drowned children and murdered mules. It was a long spooky drive too so it was a good prologue to any experience we would have. I also bought some candy for the dead children as an offering of good will.

We arrived at the dark wooded area were the bridge sits. We were all a little nervous, but excited.  After a short walk up a hill we came to the bridge and all was eerily quiet. We then began doing a evp session ( I since lost the recording, but I don’t think we got anything.) However we did get reactions on the EVP meter. I was pleased to find out that the ghosts did like my offering of candy.

So as the session went on we were interrupted by a couple who came to get creeped out by the bridges ghosts ( they shortly left after claiming they heard something in the woods.) Soon after it became obvious that the ghosts were becoming tired. So we asked a final question “do you want us to leave? Or do you have anything else to tell us?”  and some possible poltergeist activity went down. Basically soon after we asked the second part of the question we heard a rock slide in the murky darkness. Maybe it was a natural rock slide, but my friend swears the ground was still quite frozen , and a rockslide of that magnitude should not be possible. The timing is what got me, so just as soon as the rock slide finished we left and took the long drive home.

Do you have a creepy story too? Or what do you think of my experience ?


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Noroi: The Curse (2005) – dir. by Koji Shiraishi

Hello dear followers and others who may see this post. Since it is Friday 13th, I thought it would be nice to reach out and see if any of you had any spooky experiences you would like to share. These can be ghostly encounters, a meetup with a cryptid, or perhaps a creepy experience involving the living. Anything goes. We’d love to hear from you