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Bri’s 50 Favorite Asian Horror Movies 🔪 22. Unholy Women (dir. Keita Amemiya, Takuji Suzuki, Keisuke Toyoshima, 2006)

Reports from the Void: ‘It Was Far Too Large t…

Reports from the Void: ‘It Was Far Too Large to be an Owl’:

Screen memory?

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Creepy Black Eyed Children Caught on Camera


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Paranormal Webcams Let You See Ghosts Live on Stream

Are these webcams real or fake? 👻👻👻


“Remember me you passers by , As you are now so once was I, As I am now you soon shall be , So stop awhile and pray for me”



Evil Mermaids in Africa

One of the weirdest events of a mermaid in South Africa is the totally bonkers tale of a mermaid that was supposedly seen flying through the sky in November of 2014 in the city of Tshwane, and here is where we get into some surreal territory. The mermaid was allegedly sighted flying over the Morula Sun Shopping Complex parking lot from the direction of the Morula Sun Casino and was seen by several witnesses. The mermaid is said to be a long-time nuisance of the area, occasionally taking the form of a woman to go to the casino and complain about the noise before slinking back off to the water, but this seems to be the first time it was seen to fly. One witness said of the situation – (“I heard people gasp and scream. There was a mermaid in the air. It came from the direction of the Morula Sun Casino. When I was a child, we were told a mermaid lived in a nearby river. I thought it was just a fairytale to scare us away from the river but I was proved wrong.”)

Another particularly strange account comes from the country of Tanzania, where on May 21, 1996 a government owned ferry called the MV Bukoba capsized 56km off the coast of Mwanza. The disaster was already notable for the fact that not only did approximately 1,000 people lose their lives, but also among the dead was Abu Ubaidah al-Banshiri, who at the time had been the second in command of al-Qaeda and the top guy in their African base of operations. Two men from the terrorist organization were even allegedly sent in to investigate the incident in order to ascertain whether or not he had been assassinated. In addition to this was a peculiar story told by rescue divers sifting through the wreckage in the aftermath of the disaster. Some of the divers reportedly came to the surface scared out of their wits, claiming that a mermaid was patrolling the wreck and speaking to them, telling them to stop looking for dead bodies and threatening violence if they did not listen. The mermaid was also accused of actively chasing divers away. If these creatures are real in any sense at all, if there is any truth to any of this, whether as mysterious creatures or some form of spiritual entity, one wonders why they are so damn evil in Africa. Whatever the answer to that may be, there can be no doubt that mermaids are firmly rooted in the lore of many African nations, and that many of the local populace and tribes believe in their existence, perhaps coloring these alleged events with superstition and exaggeration. There is no way of knowing how true any of this is, but it is an interesting glimpse into tales of mermaids that are not only perhaps different than the way they are portrayed elsewhere.

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Taken in 2009 outside the lighthouse keepers cottage at Blackhead lighthouse, County Antrim, UK. Laura snapped a photo of her friend smoking in the dark, believing they were the only people outside the building. That is, until they reviewed their pictures and noticed the dark robed figure standing right in front of them.

“Two Strange Entity Encounters” | Paranorm…

“Two Strange Entity Encounters” 

| Paranormal Stories

Looks at two cases in which witnesses encountered weird looking beings. In the first, a newspaper carrier in Detroit observes a being with antennae. In the second, two tractor drivers encounter a woman with green, glowing eyes. 

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Author: Beyond Creepy

Video: Background footage filmed/photographed by Beyond Creepy using a Panasonic Lumix